How to Do Street Photography?

The streets are bustling, and the past is happening on the streets. We record the society, the life, and the corners of the times, everything on the street is our target, use the street to say what we want to say and see the scenery. What skills do you need for street photography?

Photo by Robert Adamec

First, observe
Photography can never be separated from observation. Look at the roadside hawkers, graffiti, light, and shadow or the uncle of grilled sausages, and find the target you like to shoot.
Second, forecast
When we observe the shooting target, we can further predict what he might do, the direction of the march, etc., which requires constant observation of the crowd's experience.

Third, wait
Street photography is often waiting. When we find a favorite scene, we wait for a right person, when we find a right person, we wait for the right scene, and at that moment, record the moment that belongs to ourselves.
Fourth, courage
It takes a lot of courage to lift a camera to a stranger. Street photography also has many types, portraits that are known to passers-by, low-key records of sneak shots (such as Moriyama Avenue, etc.), or fanfare and even flashing lights. Shape (such as Bruce Gilden), choose the way you can accept, to record the street.
Five, perseverance
The risk of street photography failure is very high, and you have to walk constantly, risking various risks and waiting for a long time, but as long as you have perseverance, these are not difficult.

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