Backdrop Stand

Want to make sure that your backdrops stand tall and firm? Well, get yourself a backdrop stand!

Backdrop stands are commonly used to make sure that the backdrop stays in place, straightly, and properly during a shoot so that the results are professional enough. Backdrop stands are one of the most essential photography equipment. These stands can be used in many versatile ways.

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If you are someone who is looking for backdrop stands to invest in for the first time or someone who wants to make some new additions to their stand collection, Fox Backdrops has the perfect products for you.

Our stands are specially designed for a quick and easy assembling process that can help you save a lot of time and effort. These stands are also pretty strong and sturdy to firmly hold the backdrop in place while the shoot goes on. The attachments and components are easy to attach to each other for smoother assembly. Most of our stands are adjustable with telescopic adjustments to make them more space-friendly and versatile. Just adjust the stand to a size that can accommodate your backdrop easily.

Our stands are not just of the finest quality but they are also super affordable. From the most basic Fox pop-up stand clips stand kits to some of the most uniquely shaped compact stands as Fox square backdrops stand for newborn baby photography, we can cover it all for you. Our products are shipped all over the world at the minimum shipping prices so that you can get your equipment to your doorstep no matter where you are.

Check out Fox Backdrop for exciting offers and the finest quality products. Call us today to place your order.

Shopping for Backdrop Stands

Backdrop stands are one of the most essential photography equipment. From portraits to headshots, full-body portraits to product shoots, backdrop stands can be used for most kinds of indoor photography and some specific types of outdoor photography. Backdrop stands make sure that your backdrop is at the right place and that it stands up firmly. So, while shopping for a backdrop stand, it is important to consider some crucial elements.

Here’s what to remember when buying your own backdrop stand;

The genre of Photography:

Some genres of photography require more space than others. These specific genres, including automobile photography and heavier product photography, tend to need bigger sizes of backdrops to actually fit the frame. So, if you are into these genres of photography, make sure you buy a stand that is either bigger than your usual subjects or can be adjusted to a bigger size to accommodate very broad and tall backdrops.

The size of your backdrops:

If you already have some backdrops with you that you want to use effectively with a backdrop stand, make sure to measure the size and buy a stand that can easily accommodate the backdrop. A wrong-sized stand can produce results that are not very professional or aesthetically pleasing. For example, if you work with smaller backdrops, as in you are only into headshots, buying a bigger stand will obviously be a waste of money. Meanwhile, if you work with bigger backdrops, you cannot buy a frail and small stand. You would have to buy one that is sturdy, secure, and big enough to hold it tall.

The size of your subjects:

The subjects that you usually work with also affect the choice of your stand. For example, if you work with newborn babies, regular-sized and shaped backdrop stands aren’t of much use. Rather, use a uniquely shaped, compact stand that can be combined with a fabric backdrop to create a cozy and safe environment for the newborn. Similarly, if you work with smaller products or food, buying a massive stand doesn’t have much point.

The size of your Studio space:

Obviously, if you have a home studio or a smaller professional studio, make sure that the stand that you are buying can easily fit in the space and that you can use it effectively in the available space.

At Fox Backdrops, you can find all kinds of backdrop stands that can fulfill the exact requirements of your photography projects. Our stands are made from the best quality materials available. The designs are made to be sturdy so that they hold the backdrops perfectly firm and still for the best results. The stands are also designed to be resilient for both outdoor and indoor usage. As we ship products all over the world, any order worth $200 or more makes you eligible for a free shipping offer.

What Are Photography Backdrop Stands?

Are you a new photographer wondering how to get the best out of your newly purchased photography backdrops? Backdrop stands can be the start of your professional photography career.

Photography backdrop stands are specially designed stands to hold the photography backdrop firmly in the right place so that subjects can be placed in front of it and photographed in the most professional ways.

There can be some basic types of backdrop stands that can be used by photographers to create the sharpest and the most compelling photographs including headshots, portraits, and even product photos.

Here are some types to look for if you are just starting out to invest in backdrop stands for your studio or home studio;

Backdrop Support system:

These stands are the most commonly used backdrop stands because of their basic shape and the ease of assembling them. The stands usually come with multiple detachable crossbars that can be used to change the width of the stand and accommodate even the largest of backdrops. The base of the stand supports a sweeping backdrop for seamless full-body portraits and bigger product shoots.

This system of the stand is pretty strong, versatile, and secure as it ensures that the backdrop stays right at the place for the most professional results. Even though traditionally, there are space issues attached to this stand, Fox Backdrops provide adjustable stands to make sure that it fits even the most compact space like a home studio.

Wall mount backdrop support with manual rollers:

You may have come across the huge solid color backdrops that can be used for a seamless sweep backdrop for full-body portraits with models. To support and handle these massive backdrops, wall mount backdrop stands are very popular. These stands come with attachable rollers that can be used to manually unroll the backdrops for photoshoots. These are very easy and quick to use and thus popular for their convenience.

Uniquely shaped compact stands: 

At Fox Backdrop, we also offer exclusive stands with unique shapes that can be used with vinyl or a fabric backdrop for newborn baby photography. These are a good investment to make if you are someone who frequently works with smaller children.

At Fox Backdrop, you can find all these types of backdrop stands at the most affordable prices. Our backdrop stand kits make sure that the assembling process is as simple and easy as possible so that you can assemble it on your own quickly without too much hassle.

How to Set Up a Backdrop Stand

Setting up your Backdrop stand right is one of the most crucial elements for creating perfect, professional photographs. Any crease and fold on the backdrop can ruin the look of the photographs. If you are using a solid color backdrop, a little bit of misalignment can still work. But in case it is a backdrop with horizontal or vertical lines or graphics and illustration, it is important to set up your backdrop set-up with the utmost perfection.

Most of our backdrop stands come with detachable parts. These parts can be assembled to build up the stand and use for photography. The components of the stands are designed to be easy to assemble so that the stand can be built quickly and used as soon as possible.

Here’s how to assemble and set up your backdrop stand in just 3 simple steps;

Step 01:

Unpack all the components of the backdrop stand that is provided in the kit and lay them all down on the ground. Laying all the components down can help you get a clear look at what is what. This helps you make a mental picture of which component will go where. Using this simple mental picture, you can start building up your stand.

Step 02:

Start assembling your stand. Refer to the instruction manual provided with the kit to perfectly assemble all the components in the right way. Make sure you don’t damage any components.

Stand 03:

Clip your backdrop on the stand to complete the setup. Clip it from all three sides and lay down the extra part if the backdrop is big lengthwise. Make sure the patterns, graphics, or any designs on the background are perfectly aligned and straight for the best results.

These stands are best used with our range of Fox thick vinyl backdrops. Our backdrops are wrinkle and tear-resistant and combined with the stand, they ensure perfect professional results.

Backdrop Stand Sizes

Backdrop stands can come in various different sizes. You can choose a size according to the size of your backdrops, intent of use, and the requirements for framing. While choosing the size, also make extra sure that you take the size of your studio and the subject into consideration for effortless framing. For example, if you are doing a portrait shoot, the subject needs to be at least 3 feet away from the backdrop so that there are no shadows and the light set-up is easy too. So, considering the size of the subject is essential as you have to fit the subject in front of the backdrop in your frame.

Here are some backdrop stand sizes that are used for different purposes with the appropriate size of backdrops.

5’ x 7’ Backdrop Stand:

These are the smallest size available. The small size facilitates set-up and allows you to set it up in compact indoor spaces. The 5’ x 7’ backdrop stands are best to work with when you are doing headshot photography or producing 3/4th portraits of people. These are ideal for event photography and for photographers with amateur studios or small home studios.

5’ x 12’ Backdrop Stand:

These stands mostly come in T shape to accommodate 5 feet wide, 12 feet long backdrops that stand 7 feet tall and cover 4 feet sweep for a seamless background. It is a perfect match for full-body portraits of a single model and headshots as well.

9’ x 10’ Backdrop Stand:

These are the bigger stands that can be found in most professional photo studios and are used for almost all kinds of photography. Different backdrops of different sizes can only fit into a certain size of the stand. Right? Well, not anymore. Many professional photographers struggle with the fact that they need various sizes of backdrops and they cannot buy multiple stands for it. We, at Fox Backdrop, offer a range of adjustable backdrop stands too along with the regular kind of stands that can be adjusted according to the backdrop you are using for your photography project.

We also provide very small sizes of backdrop stands in special structures to support photo shoots that involve very small children.