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  • Fox Custom Vinyl Backdrop - Foxbackdrop
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Fox Custom Vinyl Backdrop

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Custom prints & sizes available

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Looking for a low-cost approach to build a fully customized photographic graphic backdrop or flat lay? Create your own entirely original background utilizing your artwork ideas for great photographic graphics instead of settling for uninteresting stock photographs. Choose from a variety of set sizes, or send us your design, and we'll print it down for you.

Whether you are hosting or organizing a small party or a professional event or have a photo studio that produces enchanting photos. Our customized backdrop can serve the purpose of your photographic background whether it is big events like weddings, small events like birthdays, baby showers, baptisms, graduation, family photoshoot at the studio or homes such as couple photoshoots, newborn children or kids photoshoots, or big professional events like a trade show, conferences, product launch, and other business gatherings. Our perfect finish, non-glare, wrinkle-resistant, easy to maintain, portable, high tensile strength, 100% vinyl made, color-matched, the customized backdrop can prove to be a staple part of your theme décor and photography.


Custom Photography Backdrops 

Our 100% Vinyl backdrops are extremely durable and tough, providing a wrinkle-free, glare-free photography background for your events. AtFoxbackdrop, our selection of Vinyl Backgrounds come with a non-reflective matte finish and are easily cleaned with a damp sponge.

The material used for customized Foxbackdrop is Standard 13 oz. Vinyl or 18oz Vinyl. We use the subline method of dying the vinyl sheet that gives the same texture and color consistency from edge to edge. Our specialized technique of backdrop manufacturing makes it a matte finish for greater visibility in bright light. At Foxbackdrop, we offer the most popular budget-friendly options for customized backdrops where you can choose backdrops as your required size, color, and material. Our easy-to-maintain, portable backdrops work well for both indoor and outdoor photo or video shoots. They can be easily rolled into a cylinder and can be cleaned using a wet sponge or soap solution if needed. They are super tearing resistant and have a tensile strength of 154.2 x 137lbs/in which makes them super durable. If maintained properly our non-fading customized backdrops can even last for 3-5 years in temperatures as low as -4°F. 

Upload your personalized image or artwork and preferred size to get a free estimate from our expert for your customized backdrop at Foxbackdrop! Call us to know more! 

We offer free shipping for orders ranging more than 200$. So what are you waiting for? Call now!

Professional-looking Custom Backdrops For Your Events 

Are you an event planner wanting to expand your services? Make wedding backdrops a common component of the decor. They can be used for the ceremony as well as celebrations.

At parties and other large entertainment events, red carpet backgrounds are a must-have. Print the logos of your sponsors so that they all get the most exposure possible at every photo opportunity.

Here’s how to design your backdrop for your next professional event:


1. Choose the most appropriate typeface for your logo.

Your company name should be written in a typeface that is clear, clean, and bold enough to be seen from a distance. Sans serif fonts like Proxima Nova, Avenir Next, Museo Sans, and TT Commons are recommended by Just Creative.

2. Use photos with a matte finish or combine hues.

All bespoke backgrounds are printed on vinyl with a smooth matte surface that reduces glare and makes them simple to see. Choose a color that will not fade when printed and contrast with your brand logo or image.

3. Arrange the logos in a neat and orderly fashion.

If you have many logos, make sure they each have their place so they don't compete with one another.

Your business backdrop may be printed on either 13 oz. or 18 oz. vinyl material, which is both sturdy and glare-free. For further information, call us for a customized professional-looking backdrop for your specialized events! We offer free shipping for orders higher than 200$.

Custom Backdrops FAQs

The size of the backdrop is determined by where it will be shown, the scope of your design, and the number of individuals who will be posing in front of it. Aside from that, there are a few factors to consider when selecting a backdrop size, such as the size of your studio and the size of your subject. To avoid shadows and allow for simple lighting, portrait subjects should be at least 3' away from the backdrop. Of course, whether shooting overhead or backlit/high key images, the distance between your subject and the backdrop will change. We'll go over the length and width limitations of popular backgrounds in the sections below.
       7’X5’ size: For one logo or a vertical picture on the backdrop, the 7' x 5' is recommended. Only two people can sit at the front. For a couple of photographs, is a favorite. Weddings and gatherings are a breeze with this piece.
·         8’x7’ size: At least two logos can be shown on the 8' x 7'. This maintains the attention of your background on two prominent sponsors or corporate logos. Alternatively, you might use a core logo surrounded by smaller logos. Three people can be photographed in this space. Ideal for business functions or trade displays.
·         10’x6.5’ size: Up to four logos can be shown on the 10' x 6.5' sign. You may also use the extra space to display a high-resolution image or a colored backdrop for any reason you like. This size can accommodate a party of up to five persons and is recommended for festivals, high-end red carpet events with huge groups.
·         The sizes available for our customized backdrops are (width X length) 5x3ft(1.5×1m), 5x5ft(1.5×1.5m), 7x5ft(2.2×1.5m), 6.5x10ft(2×3m), 8x7ft(2.5×2.2m) 10x7ft(3×2.2m), 12x7ft(3.7×2.2m), 6ft(w)x9ft(h), 6.5x7ft(1.5×2.2m), 12ft×7.5ft(3.7×2.28m), 10x6.5ft(3×2m).

A 5' by 8' banner with the stand will set you back at least $249. For the same size, same configuration, and material of 13 oz. vinyl, a banner only purchase costs $99.

You may use your backdrop to print a picture. Make sure the file is in 300 dpi resolution before handing it along. Otherwise, when printed, it will seem stretched and pixelated.

We produce full-color customized photography backdrops to bespoke your design and size specifications. We can print high-quality picture backgrounds onto a variety of non-reflective 100% vinyl materials using our print technology. We use a unique Dye-sublimation print method to produce backdrops. The simple material may be printed in the full color of your design choice without fading or colors separating from the cloth thanks to dye sublimation. Our printing technologies produce waterproof, fade-resistant backdrops, ensuring that colors remain brilliant for years.

You can get your customized backdrop print in three easy steps: 




Don't worry if you don't have a finished image ready. Our graphic design staff can assist you with photoshop and brainstorming. Please contact us if you need assistance in creating the ideal picture for your customized backdrop. We can alter any of the photographs in our library, and we have a stock photography website license as well!

We can alter any of the photographs in our library, and we have a stock photography license as well. 




You'll get proof in less than 2 hours within normal business hours. Every purchase comes with an unlimited number of digital proofs! We won't publish it unless you're completely satisfied. Once we obtain your permission, we will begin the production process.




It usually takes 5 business days for printing to be completed (except for December). Are you in a hurry? During the checkout process, you can request a rush production. Transit times vary depending on where you are. Call us now for your exclusive offer!

Product information


Care and cleaning for these durable and waterproof vinyl backdrops is also as easy as a pie! Simply wipe with a damp cloth or mild dish soap as needed!


1.Made of scratch-resistant and durable material.
2.The prints are light and compact, and roll up very small, so they are easy to transport and carry.
3.Waterproof vinyl material, wet, can be wiped with a wet towel, not washable, can be used again.
4.Waterproof, smooth and non-reflective.


If you don't know what size to choose? We provide you with two photography methods: horizontal size and vertical size