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Pregnant mothers are the most beautiful as they embody the magic of creation. It is a must to treasure this period forever. Maternity photoshoots are a great way to capture the little joys of motherhood.
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However, when it comes to shoots, many mothers tend to feel confused as to what to wear for the shoot. Some might prefer glamourous clothes while some might even refuse to leave their comfort zone and want the coziness of their regular clothes. At Fox Backdrops, we provide you with dresses that are as glamorous to look at as they are comfortable on the skin. Our exclusive collection of maternity dresses makes sure that you don’t have to sacrifice the aesthetics or the comfort to have the other.

From beautiful and delicate lace mopping maternity dresses to sexy mermaid dresses with a slit, wear whatever you feel the most comfortable in. No matter which stage you are in your pregnancy, our collection has the perfect dress to help you show off that baby bump and the glow on your face that motherhood brings.

What to Wear for a Maternity Photoshoot

Are you pregnant and want to show off that baby bump? Or are you arranging a baby shower for a loved one? Level it up with a maternity photoshoot! While you go to the shoot, it might be a bit confusing as to what to wear. For an ideal maternity photoshoot, it is important to wear outfits, like dresses, that help highlight the baby bump. This is why it is essential to wear clothing that fits you well.

It is a very common misconception that pregnant women can only wear oversized, not-so-glamorous, comfortable clothes. We ask, who even made such rules? Break out of these absurd rules and embrace your divine femininity with our amazing collection of sexy, fashionable, but equally, comfortable maternity dresses for your maternity shoot.

Fox Backdrop has carefully curated maternity dresses that are the perfect blend of comfort and style. Our dresses are made from the best quality fabrics that are gentle on the skin. We make sure that even when you wear a fitted dress, you do not feel any tightness and discomfort so that you can fearlessly be yourself in front of the camera. The usage of material like lace and design elements, including off-shoulder styles V-necks, etc, in the dresses, also make sure that your dress is according to the modern trend and you feel beautiful, sexy, and confident as ever in them.

Why Choose us?

Pregnant mothers deserve the dress of their dreams when it comes to maternity shoots. We, at Fox Backdrop, understand that every mother is different and her own individual requirements when it comes to the perfect maternity shoot dress. We believe that maternity shoot dresses should be all about comfort but that doesn’t mean compromising the style and fashionability. And thus, to give every expecting mother the comfort and fashionability that matches her individual style, Fox Backdrop has carefully curated an exclusive collection of maternity photoshoot dresses made from the finest fabrics that are gentle on the skin.

Our collection includes dresses made with delicate materials like lace and trendy design elements like off-shoulder styles, V-neck styles, etc that can be mixed and matched to create a more personalized style for the most adorable maternity shoot. We also ensure that the fitting of each dress is well-done so that you can show off your baby bump.