High Quality Photography Backdrops

Elevate every occasion with a photoshoot with your favorite illustrated backdrops or create your most amazing professional projects with seamless, realistic backdrops from the exclusive, customizable collection of Fox Backdrop. 

Fox rolled vinyl backdrops can be posted worldwide, free shipping for over $200. Guaranteed 100% wrinkle-free. Thick vinyl material, resistant glare, and waterproof.   You can use a wet rag to clean our backdrop easily.

Advantageous Features

All backdrops are shipped in rolls to ensure 100% wrinkle-free. High-definition, waterproof, and easy to clean. Just one damp-wipe can save you from the dirty mess.





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Realistic Display

Fenna is a professional newborn photographer. This video will show you what Foxbackdrop looks in a real studio, the material, the definition, and the performance, etc. Trust me, Foxbackdrop can exceed your expectation! 

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Why Choose Foxbackdrop

At Foxbackdrop, you can find a variety of backdrops that help to enhance your photography moment. With our newly created backdrops, you can perfect your photographs and make them the best photos. We have more backdrops to choose from and we also offer customized backdrops to suit your needs. Some other reasons to choose us are:


All our backdrops are wrinkle-resistant, you can use them readymade once you receive them a sphere does not need to be washed or ironed. We pack your backdrops rolled up instead of rolling so that you don’t have any wrinkles.


Our backdrops are easily portable because of the packing we do which makes them smaller and lighter.


Our backdrops are washable and can be used as many times as you can. They don’t lose their size, form, and color, they remain like a new one always.


We offer customized backdrops within your budget. At the end of the day, we want to see our customers happy. For all your favorite backdrops, check our bonus collection and exclusive offers, and feel free to contact us.