6 Tips for The Best Ever Maternity Photoshoot

6 Tips for The Best Ever Maternity Photoshoot

Becoming a mother is one of the most beautiful and magical phenomena. The way a woman’s body nurtures and accommodates a whole new human being is a wonder of nature. To capture these beautiful moments of a woman’s life, maternity photoshoots are an amazing medium.

Most people want to have their precious moments captured. Some might want it in a more natural vibe while some others might get into more extravagant set-ups or even quirky themed shoots. No matter what the requirements of the expecting mother and the family are, every shoot can be customized to match the exact needs.

If you are a photographer or someone who wants to get a shoot done, here are some tips to make it the best ever maternity photoshoot!

Deciding the vibe

For a great photoshoot, you need planning. A well-planned photo shoot is less chaotic and the results can reflect the exact feelings of the person being photographed. Thus, decide on a theme or at least the vibe of your maternity photoshoot since there are plenty of options like quirky, glamorous, elegant, organic, etc. get creative and go for a whimsical theme or try out something more classic. You can even plan out a proper dreamy fantasy-themed photoshoot. Whatever you need can be achieved by planning it beforehand as it paves way for deciding the location, outfits, lighting, and even the potential camera angles.

Indoor or outdoor?

Both indoor and outdoor locations work for maternity shoots. The outdoor locations can include a park or a beach depending upon the theme of the shoot. If you are opting for an indoor maternity shoot, you can get creative with different backdrops and create different effects. For example, a floral photo backdrop can be used for a beautiful flower-themed indoor photoshoot.

Play around with different light sources

Light is one of the most essential parts of photography and it can be used to induce different kinds of effects. Thus, you can get creative with how you use the light from different kinds of light sources. Natural light can make maternity shoots look more organic and natural while studio lights can create a more sophisticated feel to the photos. You can even experiment with unconventional light sources like fairy lights and candles to bring in some more mystic and dreamy feel.

Styling the mother

Comfortable yet beautiful outfits can help expecting mothers express themselves better during a photoshoot. A fitted outfit can also be used to flaunt the beautiful baby bump in the photographs. Make sure that the outfits aren’t uncomfortable or restricting. It can affect the person’s posing and body language in front of the camera, making them appear awkward and uncomfortable. Communicate with the person being photographed and understand their requirements and style them.

Making the mother comfortable

Many mothers tend to be nervous during a shoot and thus feel awkward to pose. This can make the whole shoot a lot less vibrant as they could have been. So it is very important to make the mother comfortable to make the most out of the shoot.

Bringing in the family

If the family already has older children, bringing them into the picture can be an amazing way to capture the bond that the family shares. If it is a new mother that is being photographed, you can also create some dreamy, romantic photographs with the spouse.


Pregnancy is a very meaningful time for anyone who has decided to get a maternity photoshoot done. And to enhance this experience and capture the pure joy of being a mother, maternity photography serves as the single greatest tool. So get creative, use solid color backdrops or long flowy gowns with accessories, or go to the beach and capture the baby bump in its full glory in the light of the setting sun and produce photographs that will last a lifetime.

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