White Backdrops

A white background is a staple for any professional photography setting. So if you need a high-quality background but don't have the budget for studio space, our true white backdrop is a great choice for you. Our white photography backdrops are suitable for a wide range of photography, from product shots to headshots to studio works, podcasts, vlogging, video conferencing, and broadcasts. Our low-cost white backdrops are made from 100% vinyl and are extremely durable and wrinkle-resistant so they won't sag or fall apart when stored. They're also resistant to creases and folds, which makes them ideal for use in product photography. Call us for quick order!
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White Backdrop Options

At Foxbackdrop, we provide premium quality white backdrops with which you can create stunning studio images in any setting. You can just roll it out in a collapsible stand setting or DIY tape paste in a wall. Our 100% white backdrops provide easy editing options to your photographs and make your subject stand out whether it’s a product or a fashion portrait.

Our white backdrops are available in different sizes : 5x3ft(1.5×1m), 5x5ft(1.5×1.5m), 7x5ft(2.2×1.5m), 6.5x10ft(2×3m), 8x7ft(2.5×2.2m), 10x7ft(3×2.2m), 12x7ft(3.7×2.2m), 6ft(w)x9ft(h), 6.5x7ft(1.5×2.2m), 12ft×7.5ft(3.7×2.28m), 10x6.5ft(3×2m). With different size options whether you want a full body portrait, professional headshot or full family our white photography backdrops are totally versatile.

  • Our white backdrops are ideal for product photography, photoshoots, and creating white seamless backgrounds. We offer a variety of options including paper roll backdrops, seamless paper, studio paper, collapsible backdrops with white fleece, and a white wall look.
  • Our white photo background paper rolls are made from high-quality polyester material that is easy to clean and reusable. They are also great for product photography. Our white backdrops can be used in both indoor and outdoor settings. Each of our paper backdrops comes with eyelets along the top edge to connect to a backdrop stand or wall hooks. Our white paper roll options for photography background are made from high-quality materials and will not fray or tear during setup.
  • Our white seamless paper is the most popular backdrop for product photography. It is effective for a variety of products and provides a clean background for your images.
  • Our 100% waterproof thick vinyl white photography backdrops are perfect to create professional-looking photos. A light stand clip is included with our collapsible white backdrops so they can be mounted easily with any pop-up background or collapsible reflector. Collapsible backdrops fold down to a small size and have carrying cases with shoulder straps making them easy to carry when traveling.
  • Our white fleece backdrops are perfect for photographers looking to create professional products or portrait images. They are durable and portable with carrying cases that make them easy to transport or store when not in use.
  • Wrinkle-resistant and glare-resistant: Our white photographic backgrounds are extremely sturdy and wrinkle-resistant, so they will not droop or fall apart when kept. They're also resistant to fading, creases, folds, and high glare making them ideal for product photography.
  • 100% white: Although there may be some color changes due to viewing devices, printed pictures, or monitors, we guarantee that our backgrounds are real 100 percent white. Our unique True White Backdrops go through a specific procedure to ensure that the color is completely white from base to tip! No more drab grey whites!

Why Buy From Us

We provide high-quality photographic backgrounds at an affordable price! Our genuine white photographic backgrounds are of great quality, low cost, and can be shipped quickly! Quality Certified: Our true white background material, which reflects all the light, produces appropriate results for both photographers and videographers and works well indoors as well as outdoors· Great Customer service: We have an excellent customer service staff that will assist you in order and delivery of information at any time of day or night!

Best Value for Money Guarantee: We provide high-quality items at a reasonable price! We believe in our brand and want you to be satisfied with your purchase. We will do our utmost to ensure that you are completely satisfied with our product. We provide free shipping for orders of more than 200$. Call us now for the best quality true white photography backdrop!