Five guiding tips for Newborn's photography

Shooting a newborn is different from normal portrait photography. It requires not only the basic skills and creativity of conventional portrait photography, but also more patience and communication skills. In the process of real shooting, how to guide children is more important than shooting.
1 Color attraction method

A hundred days of children are sensitive to some colors and can attract his attention, such as red and yellow. You can choose cloth or bear plush toys. Since the vision of a hundred-day child is limited, the distance to see things is about 1m, so you should pay attention to the guiding distance when shooting.

2 Sound wake-up method

It is easy for a baby to doze off because it is too tired to shoot. At this time, a small rattle with a sound can open the eyes of the baby who is about to fall asleep. For me who have been shooting children for many years, the combination of colorful plush toys and small rattles works best. Put them together and shake them in front of your baby’s eyes. Your baby’s eyes will be instantly attracted.

Use the skills to interact with the child

Using a variety of oral techniques is also the best way to attract a hundred-day baby, such as learning to yawn, blow, or make a "beep" sound for teasing. Guiding your baby's vocal skills requires a sense of rhythm and joy. Observe your child's emotions when you are guiding, and remember which tone you are smiling, laughing and laughing.

4 Hide and seek with baby

If the baby is immune to the skills you "show", you can also use the method of hiding the cat, use your hands (or books) to cover your face, and open the palm (or book) to see him. I will hold it again, from fast to slow, and master the strength. This is a good way for them whose intelligence is not fully developed.

5 Take care of the baby's favorite toys
When children are shooting in a strange environment, they will have a strong sense of uneasiness. In the early stage of shooting, they can find more children's points of interest and ask parents what their children like. If you are not sure, you need to find some toys to try.
Rattles, cars, small balls, skateboards, etc. may all be of interest to children. Children will also be surprised by something they haven't played before, so the guide must prepare more toys. But when shooting, these toys are taken away after the child’s mood improves, and they begin to guide the shooting.


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