Photographers are Not Volunteers

As an "amateur" photographer who can take a photo, the usual interest is to take pictures, whether it is a weekend in the circle of friends to send a picture, or a holiday to launch a large circle of friends photography contest. Over time, the level of photographing has been “recognized” by more and more friends around me, and there are many more ruthless invitations to “help me take two shots”. To be honest, the quick promise is more flattering than the euphemism, but why do many photographers choose to reject the “free shooting” request directly, or indirectly, or humorously?
Similar to designer work, photographers' cost of photographing and the effort they spend are not easily seen, often appreciated, and often “discriminated”. If your photo is good, you will surely receive a good invitation from your friends from time to time, and most of them will be "help me to take a few shots, very quickly" "snap a few sounds, no-cost" gesture. In fact, photography is also costly.

1 the loss of equipment
Photographic equipment is very expensive. Everyone knows that the photo is not only expensive in the early stage, but also in every shooting, accompanied by the loss of equipment. Generally, the number of camera shutters is between 5w and 15w, so the cost of shooting includes the cost of equipment loss.

2 Possible venues, props, clothing, and transportation costs
Not a matter of their own professional field, many people may not understand the details. For the photographer, completing a relatively complete photoshoot generally requires the following steps: pre-planning - shooting point stepping, costume preparation, prop preparation - official shooting - late deal with. There may be fees for travel expenses, clothing and props, and may require venue rental or ticket expenses.
3 Technology and experience costs
All the powerful photographers are not one-fashioned. His own skills and shooting experience are the expensive learning and practical costs he paid in advance, so he should pay accordingly.

4 Communication and physical cost
All shooting needs communication. Even the simplest photoshoot, you need to contact the person in advance to understand the character and style of communicating the requirements of clothing, props and shooting location in advance, from the early stage to the late stage. Can not avoid the consumption of photographers a lot of communication time and physical costs.
Photography is not easy, and in order to persuade countless innocent friends, try to make irresponsible requests to your photographer friends. For your friendship, and for the professionalism and dignity of the photographer. If you have a similar behavior, you may wish to change your mind. If you are a photographer, would you like to "photograph"?