6 Tips for Getting Started with Mobile Photography

6 Tips for Getting Started with Mobile Photography

You must have changed a lot of mobile phones, but you still can’t take good photos. It proves that it is not a problem with mobile phones. It may be that you do not have the mastery of mobile phone photography! Today, I have prepared several photography skills for you.

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First, the best weather for outdoor portrait shooting is cloudy, the light is softer, but more often we encounter sunny days. Take a portrait on a sunny day, remember not to let the sunshine directly on the subject's face, otherwise the person's expression will be unnatural, and the overall light effect will be too bright or too dark. Tip: Let the subject stand in the brightest shadow; the overall effect will be much better.

Second, set the photo quality to the highest: the quality of the photo determines the final visual effect of the photo. Increasing the quality of the photo can reduce the lack of detail, and the image will not be blurred. If you want to choose between resolution and picture quality because of the size of the photo, reduce the resolution.

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Third, photography is creation and patience: There are many beautiful scenes and pictures in life. Photography is not just a simple recording of pictures, but a creation that expresses inner thoughts. Many times, the scenery may come as scheduled, or you may have to wait for a long time. You need to have the patience to wait and record the most beautiful scene in your heart and eyes.

Fourth, keep your phone stable: Whenever the stability of the lens is important to photography, it's self-evident, especially in low light conditions, the shutter speed is slower and it takes longer to capture the picture. It also requires the lens to remain stable for a certain period of time. With one hand or two hands holding a mobile phone, you need to develop your own most stable photography posture habits, to avoid missing the best picture in photography because of stability.

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Fifth, proficiency in the use of the three-point rule composition: Most mobile phones have photographic composition assistance, the most commonly used is the well-character. The good character grid divides the screen into three horizontal and vertical parts. When shooting, you should place important lines and dividing lines on the grid lines and place important elements at the intersections.

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Sixth, predicting shutter lag: The shutter speed of each phone is different in each scene. You should be familiar with your phone and light, and grasp the shutter speed in the scene so that you can press it at the right time. Shutter and grab the most interesting moments.