What Are Some Tips For Pet Photography´╝č

Facing animals,we should respect them, and care for them, try not to disturb their lives. There are similarities between shooting animals and photographers: eyes, gestures, and movements are the focus of the shot. The difference is that the animal does not swing according to the requirements of the person, so it is more patience to capture the wonderful moment, but also need a little luck. Here are four tips for taking a pet.

First, fun effects from low angle shots
The cat is a unique animal. When shooting a cat, there is always an uncontrollable feeling. Sometimes it is just a good focus, but it has already run away. Therefore, taking pictures of a cat is not only patience but also a good opportunity. The best way to take pictures outdoors is at 10 am or 4 pm, because natural light is best at this time. Taking a pet from top to bottom is the least creative perspective because it is the same angle we usually watch cats and dogs. In order to increase the fun, you can try to shoot on the ground. Although it is a bit troublesome, the close shooting distance and wide-angle lens application can make the cat's nose appear bigger and exaggerate visual effects, making the picture more interesting.
Second, turn up and shoot more cute and playful
Shooting in a cat's familiar home environment captures the cat's most relaxed state. It is technically difficult to shoot cats indoors because the cat's behavior cannot follow your will. So you can choose a large aperture, and a higher shutter speed, if you still can not focus accurately, you can still try to improve the sensitivity.

Third, eye-catching expression
It is easier to shoot a dog than a cat. Because in many cases, food can successfully "bribery" them and make it your friend. When shooting a large dog outdoors, pay attention to safety. If communication is wrong, it may cause an attack. Therefore, it is recommended to use the medium and long focal lengths. When it is turned, it is the best time to shoot; and when it is rotated by the static, it can lock the focus, tracking the running dog, showing its healthy posture. For puppies, the focus of the shoot is to highlight its cuteness, and you can use some toys to capture the naughty moments of the puppy's play.

Four, use a dark background to create light and shadow contrast
Contrast is an important form of expression in pet photography, and the use of light and shadow to create light and dark is also one of the forms of contrast. Pet photography is best able to choose the light and shadow that can bring out the color of the hair, so as to highlight the subject. For example, a dog with a darker color is arranged in a bright light and shadow, and a cat with a lighter color is arranged in a dark light and shadow.