10 Essential Gear You Must Have for Portrait Photography

It may be the first time that you start your journey of studio photography. Everything can be overwhelming and even daunting for beginners, especially setting up your studio. You need to understand what it takes to create an effective studio environment and how to execute your photographic vision.

To help you start studio portrait photography, here is a checklist of studio photography essentials:

  • Choose a Workspace

The first step to starting your studio photography shoot is to find an ideal space. It can be an individual studio inside or outside your house or even a designated space in your home. Entering a workspace will help you quickly enter the working state and raise your work productivity. And that determines what you need for your requirements.

  • Cameras& Lenses

You don’t have to update all your gear for your studio photography. Everyone has his or her own preference. But you should know that some lenses do not fit studio portraits.

For studio portraits, a prime lens of 50mm, 85mm always works awesome, especially those with a large aperture (f/1.4, f/1.8), which let more lights through, create beautiful bokeh, express the facial features. Meanwhile, a 24-70mm zoom lens is also a good choice for indoor shooting.

  • Tripods

A tripod will reduce camera movement and improves picture quality, helping support your camera in the perfect position, allows me to focus on sessions without breaking the shot.

Photography backdrop is an essential gear for professional studio photographers. They are versatile, durable, and reusable. It can be regarded as one of the leading roles in your studio beside the camera.

A backdrop stand will raise your work efficiency and help you make the most of backdrops. It helps you hang and fix your backdrops and make your preparations more flexible.

Floor drops offer an opportunity to set a complete scene for your studio portraits. You can make the most of a backdrop with matching a floor drop. The right floor drop will blend in as smoothly as possible with your backdrop, and create the best background for your photos.

  • Continuous Light

Continuous light can be full-color RGB lamps, or a soft light LED, as the light source that ongoing when you turn that on! The light you see is the light you get. To some extent, you may find it is convenient for shooting and posing. You can achieve the visual effect you want by adjusting that.

  • Speedlight

For Speedlight, flash devices generate a rapid burst of light. It’s powerful and effective. There is no unnecessary light and can be adjusted and modified for an extensive range of creative control. With remote and modifiers, you can solve shadows, noise, and help to still subjects. But remember to preview by the shoot.

  • Remote flash triggers

Remote flash triggers allow your camera to control flash without a direct connection to the camera. That allows the flash to fire inaccurate time for the shoot.

  • Light meter

An essential tool for good portrait photography. As a basic gear in studio lighting sets, it’s necessary for reading ambient light or flash, and most lighting conditions.

  • Softboxes

A softbox makes light soft, flattering, and malleable. Changing the angle and proximity of the softbox to the subject easily changes the quality and direction of light.


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