Guides to Choosing Backdrop Mounting System

Guides to Choosing Backdrop Mounting System

Are you confused when choosing the most suitable and functional backdrop mounting system? A little bit irritated by the various types of backdrop sole online? Still can not decide which one is the best after searching many times? Here are some guides to choosing backdrop mounting system. Following these tips, things turn out to be much easier.


  1. Features and highlights of backdrop mounting systems

When shooting with backdrops, a backdrop mounting system is a necessity, which promotes the maximum results of photograph. The stand is not only used to hang the backdrop, but also helps to eliminate the winkles and reflections of the backdrop. Moreover, each type of backdrop stands has its own features and highlights, which is suitable for certain condition. That’s why we should have a clear understanding before we decide which to buy.

Here are some common types of backdrop stand:

A traditional support system is the most commonly used mounting system for photograph studio. It usually contains a cross bar and two light stands. This sort of backdrop stand prefers the backdrops with a pole pocket. You can easily put the pole through the pocket. It dose not matter if there is no pocket on the backdrop, some clamps can also provide a ideal hang-up.

The highlight of traditional support system is the stability and versatility. With telescopic links, you can simply adjust to the proper size you want. The disadvantage is that the more steadier the stand is, the more heavier the stand is, the more space it requires and less portable when travelling around.

When choosing this sort of support system, you should pay attention to the width-range and height-range of the stand to see if it meets you needs. Another feature to notice is the material of the stand. Most stands are stainless-steel, some are carbon steel, even with surface-finished. The better the material is, the more steadier and durable it will be.

Another functional system is the roller support system. There are mainly two sorts of the roller support system, one is along with a stand, the other is installed on the wall. By this system, you can put several backdrops on the system at a time and quickly change out the backdrops during one session. It is an excellent choice for professional studio photographer who does plenty of shooting with high-efficiency.

Mostly the rolling-pole and the stand can stretch out within a certain range, the only things you should do is to consider the space you have. A roller stand system needs more room than the wall mounting one. You can pick the proper number of the rollers, that is how many backdrops you want to hang at the same time. Same as the traditional support system, the better the material is, the heavier and durable the stand is, the bigger the stand is, the more space it requires.

X-shape and T-shape system are the most portable ones. This type of system are perfect for photographers who travel a lot or do not have much space. It usually has several telescopic arms with hooks to fix the backdrop. Besides, the assembly and the dis-assembly of the system can be much rapid. However, the disadvantage is also obvious. As a portable stand, the stability is much lower than the traditional stand. Choose the size you like based on the backdrop you mostly use. Normally, this system can not afford the backdrop with large size, or it may be easy to tip during the photograph.



  1. Tips to choose

Knowing the features and highlights of different support systems, now it comes the decision part. All you need to do is to examine the above features, take the pros and cons into consideration and make them match up with your actual demands.

  • Size

Size here refers to the studio room you have and the backdrop size you frequently use. Therefore, the size of the system should be applicable to the whole knit. As most systems have telescopic arms, it won’t be a big problem, pick the one enough for you.

  • Type

As there are several types of mounting systems, this part may be the most tough part when buying one. Actually, it is not that complicated. If you have your own studio, a traditional stand is great. Simply choose the material and size you like, which depends on your budget. If you have quite a lot to shoot or do not have much time to exchange the backdrop, choose the roller support system. Work would be much more efficient with it. If you always takes the stand around in different locations, pick a portable X-shape or T-shape system to avoid the extra efforts in the setting up.    


Now you can choose the backdrop mounting system based on your specific individual needs. It is totally a valuable investment which would bring in profits for the years to come.


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