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18 DEC, 2019 | BY YU CHENHAO

There are always emotions in a picture. If you can capture the emotion of a certain moment with your camera, the viewers can visually, vicariously experience the emotion of the piece with a profound impression. Among various emotions, joy is one of the most popular moods which can be shared by both the viewer and photographer through a photo. Here are some tips that can make your photography more interesting.These female poses very popular in 2021 for Portrait Photography

1 Capture humorous image

The most direct way to create fun and a little weirdness through photography is: Capture the moment of humor.

Do not hesitate to capture the moment which brings the atmosphere to a boiling point immediately. Maybe it is an unexpected joke or a charming smile on your model‚Äės face. Keep constant interactions with the subject, capture the true feeling of the time. For example, a candid snapshot while telling your model a joke can result in a most natural smile, compared with a stiff face.

2 Guarantee light and color

An environment of light and airy is able to better convey joy and interestsÔľĆrather than a dark place. Try to avoid either taking the photos in the dimness of the light or being overexposed.

The color is one of the main element which can show the photo style. Choose somewhere colorful to give a feeling of joy and cheer to your photography, or you can make use of some creative props like balloons and flowers. It is also a bright idea to extract colors from nature, like the blue sky, vigorous soft green grass, red berries, etc. They all can be symbols of happiness in your works.

3 Capture the poses and motions

Capture a gesture or a motion of your subject that conveys emotion from him or her, and such kind of elements attach importance to enrich the information of a photo or even can tell a story through the image. Under the circumstance, you can set your camera in Burst Mode.

Photos taken in burst mode are a quickly-shot series of photographs, usually for fast-moving action, or for certain you'll catch a specific action without needing to capture the moment at the exact second or make a controlled pose.

You can guide your subject’s actions and gestures, to fill your photography not only with a dynamic sense but with fun and enjoyment as well

4 Costumes and props

Sometimes interesting creations need bold new ideas and challenges to the regular types, and the unusual, absurd but very funny experiments can endow a new vitality of your photography.

Prepare some costumes for your subject which break his or her dress routine, or are incompatible with the current environment. Unconventionally use your props and try to add some curious elements, and your works will soon be appealing and the whole process will be very interesting!

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