5 cute photography props that are safe for newborns

5 cute photography props that are safe for newborns

Newborn photography is one of the most popular genres of photography for all the right reasons. Using simple photo backdrops and some cute props, photographers have been creating some of the cutest newborn photographs that can make anyone go “awwww”.

If you are a beginner in the world of photography or a parent who wants to have one of these cute photography sessions for their baby, it is important to understand that most of these photographs, especially, the ones that include ‘dangerous’ props or poses are actually a work of wonderful photoshop skills.

Baby’s safety is always the priority while doing newborn photoshoots. It’s not at all worth it to endanger an infant for the sake of ‘cute photographs’. So, if you are starting out with newborn photography and don’t have much experience with photoshop composite techniques, it is always a better idea to use some simple props for photography that are not cute but also safe for the newborn to be around.

Here are some prop ideas for your next newborn photoshoot;

Cute outfits

Outfits can be a very good and easy way to add a lot of character to your photographs. Be it fancy outfits or comfortable clothes made from a soft material like cotton, outfits can be used as props to create different themes and effects. For example, a cute lacy outfit can be used for a summer themed photoshoot while knitwears can be used for winters and the themes of seasonal festivities. You can also experiment with some quirky things like, a bow-tie for a baby boy or a cute tutu skirt for a baby girl.


Boxes are one of the most popular newborn photography props. Different variations of boxes based on decor, size, and shape, decorated crates, etc can be used with a blanket to have the baby lie in them.

While using a crate or a box, it is important to make sure that it is low built and safe. Make it as comfortable as possible for the baby to lie in so that they stay still while you photograph them. Don’t make the baby sit in a bare crate as there might be splinters in them.

Stuffed toys

Stuffed toys are used in newborn photography to scale the size of the baby. Stuffed toys are very good props as they have the element of ‘nostalgia’. These toys can be used to create a fun series of photographs where the baby is photographed with the toy at different stages of growth.

Hats and headbands

Babies in oversized hats and cute floral headbands are a sight to behold. Both hats and headbands can be switched without bothering the baby too much which makes them one of the best props for newborn photography. These props can add a lot of interest to a photograph without too much effort and thus can be very good for a beginner photographer’s set-up.

Make sure that the hat, headband, or even knitted caps that are being used as props are made from special materials so that it doesn’t irritate the baby’s skin.

‘Burrito’ Wraps

One of the simplest props used for newborn photography is ‘Baby burrito’ wrapping clothes. These aren’t only cute and safe but also very practical since they keep the baby warm and comfortable. Warm babies are happy babies.

Get creative with the wrapping styles; from traditional swaddles to a modern open eggshell. Using different colors that pop out in photographs can also do the trick.

Wrapping blankets made of stretchy fabric or muslin are good as props. It is important to make sure that the baby that is being photographed is comfortable enough in the wrap.


Newborn photography is all about capturing the cuteness of the baby and props can enhance such sessions with more elements of interest. However, in such shoots, it is important to remember that the session can only be successful if the baby is comfortable enough to stay still and is feeling safe to be photographed well.

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