Baby Photography: Setups with Wooden Bed and Floral Bonnet

Baby Photography: Setups with Wooden Bed and Floral Bonnet

Are you curious about how FOX wooden bed prop and floral bonnet look like in real shooting? How is the quality? How to make setups with the prop and bonnet? In today’s video, Fenna shares her test-shooting with FOX newborn wooden bed and three floral bonnets.

Fenna is a full-time photographer in the Netherlands and she’s working on showing you a but more of her life as a photographer. She can always give you tips & tricks concerning photography, photo shoots, backdrops, studio props, camera settings, photoshoot outfits, photoshoot make-up etc.

Firstly, let’s have a brief introduction of the wooden bed prop and the floral bonnet.

The wooden bed is shipped by separate parts. You should assemble the bed part and the sides. There are pre-manufactured holes in the wood. With perfect design, the crew is actually sinking in and going right through the wood smoothly.

The wooden bed is soft and lightweight, without any splinters or unfinished rough edges, which is great for babies. The abstract wooden color and the matt surface gives the photo more feeling and depth.

This wooden bed is perfect for sitter sessions. It is great for those babies who want to crawl away or cannot sit up. For those baby who are still a little bit wobbly when they're sitting by themselves, like six months old, the bed supports well on their sides and on their backs, so that they can hold on to the sights.

The floral bonnets are small and adorable, which are more suitable for small babies. The bonnet is very soft on the inside and the back is sewn together, making it really comfortable for baby wearing.

Fenna also provides a tip for wearing the bonnet. When putting the bonnet on the baby’s head, you can give the babies something that they haven't had in their hand before, like a toy with some sound, so that they're distracted and you can tie the bonnet on their heads.

Usually, Fenna makes her baby sessions quite neutral and simple with soft colors backdrops and soft colors outfits, which gives not too much distraction and leaves lots of focus on the pureness of the baby. But sometimes she also likes to add in one or two photos with a little bit more color and flowers, which turns out to be very nice. That is why she chooses the floral bonnets for the sessions. You can also try it in yours.

In the video, Fenna shares three setups with the wooden bed and the floral bonnets.

Setup No. 1

Step 1: Put some burlap on the floor casually.

Step 2: Place the Fox wooden bed on the burlap.

Step 3: Fill the bed with a small woven blanket.

Step 4: Scatter some eucalyptus leaves around the bed.

Setup No. 2

Step 1: Put the basket on Fox floral backdrop.

Step 2: Fill the basket with a green woven blanket.

Step 3: Prepare a white dress and green bonnet for the baby.

Setup No. 3


Step 1: Put a small white lace blanket on the floor.

Step 2: Place the Fox wooden bed on the blanket.

Step 3: Fill the bed with a small woven blanket.

Step 4: Scatter some eucalyptus leaves and berry branches around the bed.


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