Bored with the same old white-backdrop product photography? Here’s how to spice it up!

Bored with the same old white-backdrop product photography? Here’s how to spice it up!

Photographs are a very good medium to communicate . Especially, if you have a business, product photography can be one of your biggest promotional tools. On eCommerce sites customers engage with product photos. Which is exactly why the quality of product photographs should be the best.

Products are photographed on white or grey backgrounds so that the product can be displayed in the picture. The monotony of such practices can be boring after a time as people always want to see something new and fresh. To set a business aside from its competitors, it is advisable to spice up the product photos.

So what is the easiest way possible to step up the product photography game? Well, experimenting with backdrops! Experiment with different textures and colors and create interesting product photographs.

Here’s how;

Textured backdrops

While most of the product photography is being done on plain backdrops, using a textured backdrop can be very refreshing. Textured backdrops are available in various textures like wood, stone, sand, tile, etc. These textures can create themes. For example, a wood backdrop is good for photographing products that are organic like all-natural cosmetics, etc.


In product photography, the product should be the focus of the picture. This is why many photographers prefer to capture the product solo. But you can also incorporate some props.

Here are some prop ideas;

Granites and stones: Granites can be more like a propped-up backdrop while natural stones make good props. Natural stones can add the feel of the product being ‘down to earth.’

Mirrors: Mirrors are a wonderful prop when you are photographing beauty and self-care products. You can also use a mirror under the product and play around with the reflection of the product to create an elegant and luxurious feel of the product.

Fabrics: Different fabrics have the capability to completely shift the mood and theme of a product photograph. While hemp, jute, and hand-woven pieces of fabrics can bring in a rustic vibe, silk, muslin, nylon, etc can create a visual effect of refinement and sophistication. All you have to do is decide what kind of vibe your product needs to give out and choose a fabric based on that.

Colored backdrops

Unlike the traditional ways of photographing products, especially on light-colored, solid-colored backdrops, you can always decide to do something new by switching the colors of the backdrops. The color of the backdrop can create strong visual messages and affect the psyche of the consumer. Use a black photography backdrop if your product is a luxury product like a watch or perfume. You can use pastel colors to create a more mild and ‘cute’ effect. Multi-colored backdrops can increase quirkiness in the vibe.

Outdoor shoots

Product photography has almost been an indoor genre of photography for a long time. In modern times, outdoor product photography is becoming a revolutionary trend. choose your location in the context of the product and do a session. Parks, coffee shops, restaurants, lakes, rivers, hills, jogging trails, city streets, etc can be great locations for these outdoor sessions and the results can be refreshing to see.


No matter how great a product is, if it is not marketed well and it isn’t reaching the targeted audience, the product will be considered unsuccessful. To market such amazing products , product photography is a very essential step. Incorporating different elements like backdrops of different textures, colors, props, etc, you can create photographs that capture the essence of the product and communicate it to potential customers.

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