How to DIY cake smash photos at home?

How to DIY cake smash photos at home?

Having a baby is really special and unique experience for parents. And the First Birthday  definitely counts a lot. Wondering how to celebrate your little one’s First Birthday? A cake smash is a perfect choice to capture this moment. Eager for a self-made cake smash for your baby but do not know how? Here are some tips for you. It turns out much easier than you thought.

Cash Smack Set Up

When considering how to do a cake smash at home, it’s reasonable and convenient to use the plain wall as a background and a shag carpet as a floor. Hold on! Thinking about the scattered and sticky buttercream on your white wall and expensive rug. It’s really a huge sanitary work after the whole tired shoot.

We recommend a FOX vinyl backdrop for its portability, durability and high-definition printed image. Vinyl backdrop is winkle-free and needs no ironing. You can use it once you receive one. Besides, it’s easy to wipe off the cake spills with a slightly damp sponge. There are various topics of the backdrop, you can choose the one you like, the colorful balloons, the animal zoo, the Mickey, the Sesame and many others.

Simple Props and Analogous Colors

There must be a lot of special items in your mind when imaging the final effect of the cake mash pictures. Here is the rule: the less is more. Adding too many elements to the shot may cause visual chaos and distraction from your baby. Remember, a cake smash is all about your baby and the cake. Just pick up 2 or 3 decorative items to enrich the set up. Trust me! With less elements, the photos will be more vivid and striking.

Analogous colors are the other factor that you should pay attention to. If you have chosen a warm- toned vinyl backdrop, the props should also be warm. As in the picture below, the backdrop is decorated by white and light orange balloons, the cake board is white , the cake is similar light pink and white, the baby’s cloth is white, even the headdress is in white and pink. All these analogous colors will create a harmonious overall look for marvelous photos.

3  Camera setting

When all the set up is done, it’s better to take some test shots for choosing your setting. A shutter speed of 1/400 is recommended. Therefore the blur caused by baby motion will be eliminated during the photoshoot. For the aperture, we recommend a setting around f/3.5, which can both blur the background and focus on the moving baby at the same time. ISO is also needed to balance the settings of shutter speed and aperture for a nice light exposure. Last but not least, use the manual mode to control the shutter speed and aperture to achieve prefect photo effect.

4  Shooting Tricks

As an event recording, shooting from various angles and positions will make the photograph into a storytelling one. Do not shoot by just aimlessly moving around. You can take a wide shoot that includes the whole scene. Then get closer to focus on the baby’s playing and eating cakes. Do remember to grab some beautiful portrait shots during the whole process. By doing all these shootings, you may find the photograph being incredible rich of information.

 Hope you enjoy the tips and have a wonderful shooting experience with your lovely baby.


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