3 Reasons Why Should You Use Collapsible Backdrops

3 Reasons Why Should You Use Collapsible Backdrops

There are chances for photography portrait photographers to walk out of their studios, and do some on-location works. That means your sessions for those occasions require you and your gear to be portable. That’s when you need collapsible backdrops

Collapsible backdrops help you conveniently and quickly start both indoor and outdoor sessions. This flexible, portable backdrop option can give you more freedom to cope with color choices in whatever location you happen to be shooting in. It can always work like a charm when solving different requirements.

Here is something you need to know about collapsible backdrops. I hope this article will help you.


Why Choose Collapsible Backdrops?

l Durable and Convenient

Made of high-quality microfiber, collapsible backdrop is more durable. The material makes the backdrop lightweight and more portable, and the special construction make it easy to collapse and store in just minutes.

l Anywhere & Anytime

The collapsible backdrop is a more functional option for shooting. Thanks for its ‘Easy to collapse & store’ and ‘ Lightweight’, your photography won’t be limited by locations and space size, no matter outdoors or in your studio. You can start your work whenever and wherever you love.

This will offer more inspirations and creative freedom to your sessions, while there is no need to re-setup backdrops or work in a large studio. The collapsible backdrop can always offer solutions for you shooting, it is good for mobile head-shot and three-quarter length body shots.

l Two Backdrops in One

The biggest advantage of collapsible backdrops is that two backgrounds are available in a single backdrop. It is quite useful because you can easily switch between shoots on either side without having to set up different backdrops for each one.

The ‘Double Sides’ provides both you and your clients more options. With collapsible backdrops, it will be easy to find a color your client will love.

 How to Fold Collapsible Backdrops?

  • Grasp the top and the bottom of the backdrop. The backdrop’s own weight will assist the folding. Fold the two ends together. Now it will look like a large taco.

  • Hold both ends. Pull the right corner to collapse towards you.

  • Pull the left corner in, over the right corner.

  • Continue folding one side over the other until both align. The backdrop will now fit in its carry bag.


If there is any other question about collapsible backdrops, please contact usYour requirements are always our priority! Check out our Blog Page for more inspirations.

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