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PHOTOGRAPHY GUIDE: Real Christmas Mini PHOTOSHOOT Sessions Tips & Tricks for You!

It’s almost that time of the year - Christmas is coming! It is a great time to record all our precious memories. It was not just plain holiday or leisure, but something more of warmth and love.

There will always be a warmth there - roast turkey, gingerbread and baked pumpkin pies, families gathering round the hearth and charming smiles on happy faces. It is of a great significance to capture these cozy moments without leaving regrets!

Fenna is a full-time photographer in the Netherlands and she’s working on showing you a but more of my life as a photographer. I can always give you tips & tricks concerning photography, photo shoots, backdrops, studio props, camera settings, photoshoot outfits, photoshoot make-up etc.

Today, Photographer Fenna will show you some amazing tips & tricks to help make your Christmas mini photoshoot sessions better than ever. In this video she will show you these tips through the sessions for several families.

Fenna: " Christmas is coming! I'm wearing a Christmas sweater, but that's not all. I'm gonna have something on my head, as well I'm going to put the Christmas backdrop on! I also went shopping yesterday, just to buy some last-minute like Christmas Props."

What do I have here: First that's good Christmas cookies. I'm gonna put them on the table and I have like a little stent to place the cookies on.Then I bought these like a little elf a snowman and I bought this one which I think it's really cool so it's like a horse. I have another one like this one that I use a lot so I might place those ones on set as well then for the kids too old are these cups so they can pretend something warmest inside."

And next Fenna's gonna finish the mini sessions. All of them can be completed in less than 30 minutes, and you will know everything you want to know about Christmas Photography ideas!

Following the above tips step by step, you will see how this can be so easy and so affordable to achieve a really, really beautiful Chistmas photoshoot in with such fantastic props & simple setups!

This is an exercise that you can do with basic equipments & studio space, and of course, you also need fantastic Christmas Vinyl Backdrops. Want to level up you Christmas Photography this year RIGHT NOW? Check our Christmas Backdrops Collection and BUY NOW!

Hope you can enjoy this video, and get some inspirations on your Christmas mini photoshoot sessions!


About The Photographer:  Fenna is a full-time photographer in the Netherlands and she's working on showing you a but more of my life as a photographer. She can always give you tips & tricks concerning photography, photo shoots, backdrops, studio props, camera settings (iso, aperture, shutter speed, white balance), photoshoot outfits, photoshoot make-up etc.


If there is any other ideas about vinyl photography backdrops, please contact us!Check out our Blog Page for more inspirations.

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