Essential equipment for learning photography

Essential equipment for learning photography

Photography is part of life Photography is already an essential part of modern life. No matter if we take a photo with a mobile phone or a camera, we produce hundreds of millions of photos every day; but taking photos is not the same as photography. Photography requires careful composition and reasonable exposure.

Here are some necessary equipment for photography.

First: camera (body + lens). This is the most basic and the most important. There can be a few bodies and multiple lenses at different focal lengths to shoot objects at different distances.

Second: UV mirror. Many people worry that a piece of "glass" on the front of the lens will affect the image quality. In fact, as long as the quality of the UV mirror lens can be maintained and kept clean, it will not affect the image quality. Instead, it is an effective measure to protect the lens.

Third: Tripod set. This is an important device for shooting distant scenery, long-term photography, and night shooting. Can effectively prevent the image blur caused by hand shake.
Fourth: the shutter release. This is a very convenient device when shooting night scenes. Avoid touching the machine with your hands and it will not affect the picture.

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