How to Get Perfect Black Background Photos

22 DEC, 2019 | BY YU CHENHAO

One of the advantages of using the black background in photography is to create a strong contrast of the color to enhance the style and atmosphere of the picture and extrude the subject. Dark shades bring classic style to the model and the impressions of the picture.

Here are two strategies for your photography if you would like to use a black background in your creation.

  1. Choose Appropriate Theme

Black background does not apply to every theme in photography. Misuse of black background may be anachronistic and self-defeating which can damage the value and emotion you want to convey originally. The following parts will introduce some cases that are suitable for black background.

Application of the black background in flower photography can keep your composition simple and extrude the shape and color of the flowers.

  • Macrophotography

When we implement the macrophotography, the colors of the background can easily influence the presentation of the subject. The black background is always a better and less error-prone choice for your small size subject.

  • Still life

Photography of still life like fruits, cosmetics, jewelry will achieve a good visual effect with the application of a black background. Black background used in product photography can better attract attention from consumers and heighten the apparel of the product

Black background gives a portrait elegance, powerful emotions and conveys the personalities. It never distracts from your subject. The viewer’s eyes are focus on the model in the photo with a black background. You have the option to use a higher F-stop with a black backdrop. That means a slower shutter speed and result in that the depth of field will be improved and more of the subject will be in focus.

     2. 2 Strategies to Create a Perfectly Black Background in                    Photography

  • Use Dark Backgrounds

Finding a proper black backdrop is the most obvious and direct way to shoot black background photography, and a piece of fabric backdrop big enough which can serve as a dark background is a good choice. Working with black background ( A dark fabric or vinyl cloth that doesn’t reflect light) significantly reduces the amount of time spent on the post-processing. As most photographers agree, the best of the best is a black vinyl backdrop.

  • Use Light

The intelligent use of natural light or artificial studio light can create dark backgrounds. For example, a black background can be created by putting your subject close to the light in your studio (An opening window or photography lights). It also gives you an extra darkness by providing the opportunity to use backdrops ‚Äď pieces of fabric that allow you to block the light from unneeded areas.

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