How to Store and Clean Your Vinyl Backdrops

You must cherish each of your photography backdrop that you purchase, and it always play a major role in your studios and sessions. For portability, durability and high-definition printed image, vinyl backdrops are the way to go.

Without correct maintenance solution, however, backdrops may last no long. Therefore, knowing how to store and clean properly will not only pro-long the service life of your backdrop, but also consistently guarantee nice photo effects.

If you still have no organized storage and cleaning solutions for a vinyl backdrop, we'll offer you some key tips for making sure you have the best experience with your backdrop.

 Easy to clean

Vinyl backdrop is durable. The raw material makes the backdrop wrinkle-free. Vinyl backdrop can be easily cleaned with a slightly damp sponge to treat stained area, and regular clean is important indeed. Otherwise, frequent use without clean in time will lead to stubborn stains which can be difficult to remove.

 Water-wash is Not OK!

Please remember, a vinyl backdrop can never be washed by water, neither ‘Hand Wash’ nor ‘Machine Wash’. Water wash will eventually destroy the vinyl. Only if necessary (clean dusts, stains or remove the wrinkles), you can carefully flatten the backdrop or hang it up and use a hand-held steamer to maintain the BACK of the backdrop at the lowest temperature as quick as possible. (Please notice: Never iron the backdrop, because the heat of iron may destroy the surface.)

 Stands and Clamps are Necessary

To hang up the backdrop correctly, dedicated stands and clamps are necessary.   Get the Fox Equipment Framework Telescopic Stand Adjustable Photographic Backdrop Display Stand and Backdrop Clamps at

 Proper Store Solutions

Different backdrops have different store solutions, according to its materials. You may choose to make the backdrop lying flat in your cabinet, or roll it up. Thanks to the material which can prevent wrinkles, a vinyl backdrop can be easily rolled up, but please remember it can NEVER BE FOLDED! For example, you can store your vinyl in the original shipping PVC tube and stay upright with a roll holder against the wall, which can keep your backdrops clean and wrinkle free.


Store Them in Clean and Dry Place

No matter which store method you choose, a vinyl backdrop can never be sealed for storage in a damp place or used for outdoor sessions. The bacterial growth in damp environments can completely destroy the surface and the damage is irreversible, while the sunlight can fade the backdrop. You need also check the room temperature and don't let the vinyl be squeezed by any external force. It may cause deformation and wrinkles.

 If there is any other question about backdrop clean and store solutions, please contact us!Your requirements are always our priority! Check out our Blog Page for more inspirations.

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