How Vinyl Backdrops are better for Newborn Photography Setups?

How Vinyl Backdrops are better for Newborn Photography Setups?

Capturing pictures of your baby and recording every inch of their growth is an inexplicably amazing experience. It’s even more amazing when you are able to record those moments in spectacular settings which will in turn never let those memories get old. While the best way to achieve such results is to be in those very places while capturing those amazing moments, it’s seldom practical and unfortunate to be really doing so. This is where we create little Hollywood setups but on a much smaller scale for your baby. The same old idea with a spectacular background, good lighting and some props going on in and about the scene.

Newborn photography with wood finish vinyl backdrop and interactive props (book and magnifying glass)

Let’s look at a couple of considerations and steps to make your newborn photography session go hassle-free with backdrops and props all over the place. We will also discuss details that will help you to develop interesting looks to achieve amazing newborn photo results.

Setup Properly and Safely

First, we’ll walk through some of the basic setup practices to ensure and smooth photography session and the safety of persons around and the equipment involved in the shoot. While using vinyl backgrounds, even though not as delicate as paper backdrops, make sure you handle it gently and stretch it out all the way as wide as it could to avoid bends and creases that can potentially ruin your entire shoot results. Realizing one unnoticed crease throughout every output either will require you to spend endless editing time or do a whole reshoot which is mostly impossible and unprofessional. Some of those best moments are never coming back again. So make sure you anchor down the edges of the backdrop with an adequate amount of weights or solid clamps.

Basic Additions & Interactive Props

Now that your basic backdrop is ready it's prop time. For a simple backdrop to turn into a birthday backdrop you need to create an overall outlook that will vibe that sweet and bright energy that immediately puts a smile on your face. A few things to consider will be choosing the right colors, setting up and arranging suitable props that give out a birthday party room look. Consider adding items that the baby can interact with safely. An interactive environment will add immense amounts of life and vibrance to the photos captured.

Look Development

Let’s look at some awesome birthday backdrop ideas with plain as well as thematic backdrops such as winter wonderland backdrops that will add a ton of beauty and production value to the overall outcome of the shoot.

Choosing background and prop item colors has a lot to do with the subject skin tones and the contrast that could be achieved by creatively setting up colorful items and lighting effects. For instance, if you place bright white objects in front of a pure white background with extremely bright light, it will leak onto the backdrop and will essentially get you results without any depth at all. There are exceptions where complex lighting techniques are used to create depth with white on white or similar tones. However, to achieve a dynamic result normally, you will need to achieve some sort of contrast that will create depth in the photo and interest in the viewer.


Vinyl backgrounds help so much while doing newborn photography because of the possibility of lack of control you could have with babies. These beautiful little things could turn into trouble makers in an instant. Unlike paper, vinyl is tough, durable and waterproof. This means not only you are saved from possible baby troubles but you can get endlessly creative with your photography tactics. For example, on birthday backdrops, you could bash a cake onto the foreground to make it look as if the child is enjoying his messy pastry. This can generate so much more interest and fun as opposed to rigid and plain setups. Vinyl backdrops let you do this with ease and not worry about damaging it after a single use.

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