Mother’s Day: DIY Mini Session Setup

Mother’s Day: DIY Mini Session Setup

What is your special setup for the Mother’s Day mini session? Still cannot decide what sort of setup is proper for your mini session? Want to set up a versatile but elegant mini session on Mother’s Day? Eager to level up your photo effects in seconds? Follow the guides and use the setup to brighten your session.  

Mother’s day is almost on the corner. It is the time to prepare something to show love and gratitude to the most cherished person in the world. As the one who always takes memorable family photos but rare in the photos, this mini session focuses on mums and gives them a platform to shine. Thus, the purpose of today’s setup is to highlight the glamour of mums and their bonds to other family members.

To have a relatively smooth and relaxing shooting period, here are some practical tips:

Tip 1: Make sure there is an assistant to take care of the kids.

Mother’s Day sessions would usually include kids to show the mum-and-kid loving moments. To ensure that mums concentrate on the shooting and enjoy the whole process, there should be an assistant to look after the kids, in case they may want to eat, drink or have a playmate to play with. As long as the kids are well-taken care of, mums would feel more assured and really relax their nerves to immerse themselves for great photos. The assistant can be other family members or the assistant in the studio.  

Tip 2: Help mums to feel confident and act naturally.

Mums are always busy taking care of the kids and other members in family photos. They are even not adapted to be the focus of the shooting. Therefore, it is rather important to help them feel confident so as to capture them in their best light. At this time, proper posing is much more essential. With careful posing and shooting angle, mums would look great in the photo, which would boost their confidence immediately.

Tip 3: Prepared interaction to shine the session.

The sincere interaction between mum and kids is always the dazzling part of the session. Ask the mum what they like to do together and prepare some to get a natural and genuine smile. The interactive shooting would create the most treasured photos and also great memories for the family.      

To fulfill the setup, here is the list of things you need to prepare:




A light color abstract backdrop

√ė¬†Rattan chair

A rattan armchair with a simple but elegant design

√ė¬†Woven tapestry

A wall hanging woven tapestry in medium size

√ė¬†Woven rug

A round woven rug made by natural fiber, with simple texture or special patterns

√ė¬†Green plants

Artificial or real green plants in containers with different height

√ė¬†Transparent line & clips

Transparent fishing line or other lines in your studio

√ė¬†Other tools & accessories

According to your requirement

Now let’s come to the most exciting moment for today’s DIY Mother’s Day setup.

Step 1: Background decoration

Choose a light color abstract backdrop you already have. The backdrop should be at least 7ft high to cover the whole body shoot. Hang the backdrop on and make sure there are no obvious wrinkles on it. You can also choose a Fox vinyl backdrop, which is winkle-free.

Use a transparent fishing line to hang the woven tapestry on the middle top. Reorganize the tapestry in order to show the pattern and texture tidily and clearly.

You can also use a FOX tapestry vinyl backdrop to save you from the background decoration.

Step 2: Floor part decoration

A white floor or light brown floor mat is versatile for all kinds of the light color abstract backdrop. Curve the bottom of the backdrop delicately for a smooth transition. Then put the green plants on the transition part to add more richness. 

Place the woven rug on the middle of the floor and put the rattan chair on the edge of the rug. Then add some plants with different heights randomly on both sides of the chair to have more depth.

Step 3: Capture the glamour moments

Mums would be a little stiff when standing straightly on the floor. Then it is better to shoot them sitting on the chair or just on the woven rug. Use some flattering posing strategies to show the very best of them. Or let them interact with the kids to capture the genuine mum-and-kid-loving moment.

Mother’s Day mini session is a great way to capture the precious moments of mums and kids. It is really worth trying today’s setup to get a special mini session.


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