3 Mother's Day 2020 Photography Ideas For You!

Mother's Day will come once again. Usually, photographers can be busy for session bookings, because Mother’s Day is always a perfect time for a family photoshoot with moms. Mother’s Day photo sessions can be a unique gift and make every mother feel special. 

With the worldwide spread of COVID-19 pandemic, however, the non-essential business has been paused and we’ve been advised of self-isolation, Mother’s Day celebration seems to be difficult this year. But photographers can still plan a session for your mothers at home if there are chances or take this opportunity to improve your skills.

If you’d like to plan a Mother’s Day session at home in this special season, here are some tips for you!

Mothers Day Photo Sessions at Home

Since you may stay at home and have to postpone all further appointments until it is safe this time, it’s your turn to get in the Mother’s Day photos belonging to your own family. (Man) You can take photos for your wife & kids, or (Woman) you can do self-portraits in your own studio! If your mother or even grandmother just lives with you, that’s great!

Set up your backdrops and other equipment, set the lighting and your camera, or choose to turn on the self-timer, and now start a Mother’s Day photo session for yourself and your families!

Please note, if your mother lives away from you, especially the elderly, don’t go to visit her for everyone’s sake. Safety and health are of the most important right now and we all need to follow the guidance of self-isolation.

As a photographer, who has served your clients for years, you must know the ‘Mom and Me’ session is one of the most popular new trends. It’s your turn to get in the photo with your children!

  • Maternity Photo Session

If you will become a new mom, congratulations! There must be so much imagination and emotion in your mind. Plan a maternity photo session for yourself, Capture a mom just simply being a new mom, show the joy and happiness that get ready to welcome a new life!

  • Keep Natural and Candid

Motherhood means there must be relations between you and someone you love. It can be your kids, your mother, and your grandmother. You can always find beautiful moments throughout these blood ties. To show the relation in photos, you should keep everything natural and candid.

Give up professional poses, and just let things happen in the most natural way. Take candid shots, and you will never know what kind of surprise you will find in your final works.


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