Mummy & Me Tutorial: Professional and Practical Tips

What is the best memorable and precious present for a mother? Definitely a Mummy & Me session. What are some creative ideas for a Mummy & Me session? What essential accessories you should prepare? What are the flattering poses in the session? Here we offer you some creative ideas and tutorial guides. Follow the guides, you can absolutely level up your session in seconds!!

What is a Mummy & Me session for?

A Mummy & Me session is scheduled to get the behind-camera mums into the photos and show the bond between the mums and the babies. For mums, their babies are the most precious present in life. They spend most of their time to company the babies’ growth, record their unique moments. They are always those who take memorable family photos but not in the photos. This mini session will get the mums in the photos and focus on the irreplaceable bond between a mum and her babies.

How to make a Mummy & Me session?

  • Background

Since a Mummy & Me session is mainly to show the beauty of mums and babies, there is completely unnecessary to prepare a complex or splendid background, which may distract the real focus, the mum and the baby, in the photo. A clean but classic background is all we need.

Here we recommend a Fox abstract fine-art vinyl backdrop. The champagne backdrop and the light gray backdrop are the most versatile ones. They can provide a clean but elegant background, which not only leaves all the focus on mums and babies but also level up the whole scene with tranquil beauty.  

  • A chair or stool

In a Mummy & Me session, there are always toddlers and kids. Then we may need some accessories to get a proper sitting or standing height. A white or transparent stool would be perfect, which not only matches well with all styles of wardrobes but also could be used as a chair for the mums to sit or a box for the babies to stand on.

  • Wardrobe and style

As the family memory keepers, mums are often left out of the kids’ photos. What’s more, a mum is busy at every moment when the baby is around. Therefore, to offer a unique and memorable shooting experience, a carefully orchestrated theme shoot would brighten up the mum’s ordinary and trivial life.

A simply-designed but elegant dress would show the most beautiful side of the mums. A meticulously dress-up will not only make it easy to capture great photos but also gives mums confidence to enjoy the shooting. Themed sessions will also give kids and moms a chance to see themselves as they never have before!!

  • Prepared interaction

A great Mummy & Me photoshoot relies on the prepared interaction. It is known to all that Mummy & Me sessions seldom go as planned. When shooting with kids, a toddler tantrum or a little disobedience is quite normal. A well-prepared session will make the little one feel happy and entertained during the process.

The most critical thing is to make sure the baby is well-rest and well-fed. Thus, the baby will be willing and energetic to interact and perform in the shooting. To make the shoot a little smoother, ask the mum what the kid likes and bring some favorite toys. If the baby likes bubbles, prepare some to get interactive photo shoots. The interaction will help to capture genuine smiles, treasured images, and to get a memory of a great day.

What poses are more flattering?

  • Heart to heart hug

For newborns, the sweetest post for a Mummy & Me photo is the instinctive hug with the baby in the arms. Your heart will be melted when seeing these photos.

For toddlers, the hug in mum’s arms will be more interactive and full of fun. The happiness is almost spilling out. What a gorgeous mum and baby!

  • Sit with mum

To have sitting photos in Mummy & Me session, you may use the stool we have discussed. The mum can sit on the stool and hold the baby, or the baby can stand on the stool to get a proper height for the pose.

  • Play with mum

If you have prepared some toys, you can arrange some play-with-mum photos to capture the happy together time. They can play bubbles together, or a simple tickling and hike-and-seek. The most treasured images are always those interactive ones. It would never be too much to prepare as many as interactions during the session.  

  • Fly high

As one of the most classic poses in the Mummy & Me session, fly-high will give you a pleasant surprise.  


Hope you enjoy the basic tutorial and capture the sweet moments between moms and babies in your Mummy & Me session!


Backdrops used in the photos:

Fox Abstract Champagne Portrait Vinyl Photos Backdrop

Fox Light Grey Abstract Portrait Vinyl Rolled Backdrop

For more Fox abstract backdrop:


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