Notes for indoor shooting

Notes for indoor shooting

Light shooting refers to the use of direct or diffuse natural light to shoot people and scenes indoors during the day. Indoor natural light is the brightest and economical indoor camera lighting source. It is also an effective means to realistically reproduce the indoor environment and people's activities during the day.

Firstly, Avoid glare windows as much as possible when shooting to prevent the gap between the brightness outside the window and the brightness of indoor scenes from being too large and severely underexposing indoor scenes. Avoiding strong light can effectively reduce the brightness contrast and brightness imbalance in the picture.

Secondly, When shooting sports lenses indoors, it is best to manually adjust the aperture because the light brightness is not balanced. If you shoot with the auto iris, the speed of the auto metering system of the mobile phone automatically adjusts the exposure speed slower than the speed of the moving lens during shooting, and the picture will appear bright and dark, which will destroy the picture effect. In addition, the photographer should not move too fast. Slow movement will appropriately reduce the problem of underexposure.


Thirdly, When shooting indoors, you can use supplemental light for shooting. When the natural light can not reach the required illuminance value when shooting with a mobile phone, or the indoor light brightness is extremely unbalanced, and the light ratio gap is large, an appropriate artificial light supplement can be performed. Under the conditions of low indoor roof or high reflectance of surrounding walls, the artificial light is not directly projected on the subject by the reflection fill method, but is projected on the ceiling or wall, and then projected by the reflection of light On the subject, an even and soft illumination light is formed. This method of supplementing light not only improves the brightness of the subject without destroying the atmosphere of the original light in the room, it is a more practical and simple method of supplementing light.

The last but not least, When shooting indoors, you can choose an object with a large contrast in hue and brightness. This can open the layer of the picture and achieve the ideal picture effect

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