How Can We Do Creative Photography at Home?

How Can We Do Creative Photography at Home?

With the lockdown¬†across cities, we have witnessed the effect of the coronavirus with photo business.¬†Many photo sessions and events have been postponed or canceled because of this. It seems to be a big challenge when photographers were told to stop the ‚Äėnon-essential‚Äô¬†photo business and stay at home.

You may have to close your studio and reschedule your plans, but that does not mean you have to stop photography. In a time like this, you can take it as an opportunity to try some creative photography ideas at home that you have never tried before.

 Fortunately, here are some amazing photography ideas that you can realize in your portraits at home. They will help you develop a certain level of creativity, and Improve your current photography portraits skills through practice.

Creative Lighting in Portraits

Lighting use is always like a big test in photography portraits. If you may have to stay at home in the following days, you can try some creative lighting which you have no time to practice before.

For example, you can explore the basic lighting patterns like loop lighting, butterfly lighting, rim lighting in new ways. You can even try some bold ideas like lighting paints, by moving the colorful light source around the model during a long exposure, and you will record ethereal streaks of light. Make the most of your flash...

Food in Portraits

Food photography is a kind of communication with food. You can enjoy delicious food through your eyes. Food photography offers great creative possibilities, with no shortage of attractive, varied and colorful elements. 

Add attractive food elements in your photography portraits! It can not only enrich the compositions and color used in your works but also give your final images fantastic storytelling! (Take cake smash as an example!)

 Foggy or Rainy Day Portraits

Blur can also bring nice visual effects to your photos, take foggy or rainy day portraits as an example. Choose a window on a rainy day, or just let steam condenses into drops of water, there will be beads of water on the glass. With your subject posing beside or behind the window, you can achieve beautiful blur effects with just natural lights.

 Use Photography Backdrops

Need to try a new themed set up in your photography studio? There is no doubt that a new photography backdrop will greatly enhance your final works. It will help create a bright and beautiful environment for your sessions and will enrich the colors and storytelling of the image.

You can always find some among its various patterns, styles that can perfectly match with your clients. Check out our 2020 Vinyl Backdrop Collections for more inspirations!

If there is any other question about indoor photo ideas, please contact usÔľĀYour requirements are always our priority! Check out our Blog Page for more inspirations.

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