What Are Some Cool Photography Tricks?

There’s so much you can do with your imagination and a camera.  To achieve awesomely unique visual effects, it doesn’t matter whether you are an expert photographer or just a beginner. some tricks and tips can help you get what you want in your photos more easily.

Here are 4 creative photography tricks you can try!

 Creative Light Tricks

Fairy Lights. Lighting use is always like a big test in portrait photography. The art of portrait lighting can not only improve the visual effects but also bring out the personality of an individual. Besides basic lighting patterns in new ways, you can also try some bold ideas like:

Light shaping. By shaping lights through the use of reflectors, softboxes, and other lighting modifications, you can achieve personalized light in final works in whichever way you wish.

Lighting paints. By moving the colorful light source around the model during a long exposure, and you will record ethereal streaks of light. Make the most of your flash...

Personalized Lightbox. Tape the colorful & transparent cards to the light source first. Place your model in front of the cards and switch your camera to Av mode (aperture to f/8, set the ISO to 100). The key point is, the cards can play as the color filter and help you create different colors of light


Make Your Own Glitter

Cut up some tinfoil into various shapes (circles, triangles, or whatever you want) and make your own glitter. Sprinkle it over someone as you take their picture to give the image a fantastic look. It can also be achieved by making custom bokeh shapes, using decorative light strings, or a sequin background.

 Tricks by Candid Shots

A well-timed candid shot will always work for seizing the interesting poses and unbelievable surprise! It helps in capturing the spontaneity of the model which cannot be achieved by the plan. It also brings excellent unexpected tricks and some of them you may have never seen before. Use your camera’s shutter priority mode( TV/S mode), and capture the great moments during the sessions.


Tricks by Using Backgrounds

Need to try a new themed set up in your photography studio? There is no doubt that a special photography backdrop can add fantastic visual effects, which will greatly enhance your final works. It will help create a beautiful or even a surprise background for your sessions and will enrich the tricks and storytelling of the image.

You can always find some among its various patterns, styles¬†that can perfectly match with¬†your¬†imagination. Check out our¬†2020 Vinyl‚ÄāBackdrop¬†Collections¬†for more inspirations!

¬†If there is any other ideas about photography tricks, please contact usÔľĀCheck out our Blog Page for more inspirations.

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