Lighting Techniques:THREE-Light Studio Portrait

Lighting plays a key role in portrait photography. A light can make a portrait or ruin it. Mastering the lighting techniques is considered as the guarantee for great portrait photography. Therefore, the fancy and expensive lighting equipment has been a standard item for most studios.

In Eli Infante’s previous videos, he shows us how to create stunning studio portrait with one light and two lights. Here comes the three lights studio portrait. Things seem to be a little complicate. However, follow the step by step guide and try the specific setup, you can easily achieve the same fabulous and professional portrait as Eli Infante dose.

Eli Infante is a great photographer based in Rio Grande Valley who draws most of his inspiration for photography from unique South Texas landscapes and historical structures. Eli also shares his skills and talents with all other eager photographers via YouTube and even in person workshops. 

In today’s video, Eli Infante will discuss which camera settings and power output he uses on his modifier, strobe light and speedlight. As well as feathering the light to sculpt the light for studio portraits.

Things you need for the setup:

  • Sony A7III
  • Zeiss 55mm
  • Xplor 600, Godox 21”Beatury Dish with white interior, C-Stand + Boom Arm
  • Evolv 200, Glow EZ Lock 28”Deep Softbox with Grid, C-Stand
  • Flashpoint Speedlite, Rogue Grid with 25 Degree Grid, S-type Speedlite Bracket

Basic Camera Settings:

  • ISO100
  • ApertureF/4
  • Shutter Speed1/200
  • Power Output:1/128 (Key light) & 1/4 (Hair light)&1/2(Background light)

Power output is different, depending on:

  • Strobe watt power
  • Modifier
  • Distance from the model


  • Step 1: [00:52] Camera Setting & Ambient Exposure
  • Step 2: [02:08] Add the Key Light
  • Step 3: [03:11] Hair Light
  • Step 4: [04:11] Background Light
  • Step 5: [05:25] Final Results

As for the backdrop, Eli Infante chose a 7ftX10ft Fox Dark Brown Retro Abstract Vinyl Backdrop, which is quite versatile and perfect for portrait photography.

For More Information: Fox Vinyl Backdrop

Follow the specific setup guides in the video, you can definitely create the stunning portrait with three lights. This is an easy to follow tutorial that you can do in your studio with super basic equipment. Hope you enjoy the video and get some inspirations on the lighting techniques of portrait photography.


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