Tips for taking good food photography

Tips for taking good food photography

Food photography is a branch of still life photography. During the shooting process, you can create many different photos. There is another biggest temptation! You can enjoy food while shooting. Many people like to bring a camera when they go to the restaurant and record the food in the restaurant. Here areĀ several tips for food photography to make the food you shoot more visually tempting.

1. Keep the background clean
Try to make the background contrast with the color of the food. Do not use a background similar to the color of the food. For example, strawberries on a red plate can make the theme less clear. In addition, the background should be clean. If you are not sure, use a white plate.

2. Adjust the white balance
Adjust the white balance according to your shooting food. For example, when shooting meat, it is best to use warm colors. Meat shot under blue fluorescent lights must be quite scary.
3. Shoot with natural light
At any time, it is always good to shoot food with natural light. During the day, you can choose to shoot by a sunny window, and at night, try to avoid using a flash that is directed at food as a light source. This kind of light is very unnatural. Even if you use a flash, you should also use a flash that reflects through the ceiling or wall.

4. Use a tripod
Food shooting is mostly done indoors, and the light is not very good, so it is best to use a tripod.
5. Small details make the picture look different
Do nā€™t ignore some small details, always remember that using knives and forks with clean dishes can make ordinary food interesting
6. Get closer
You can use the macro to take a partial view of the plate containing the food and get closer to the target to show the finer parts of the food, making it more interesting and intriguing.

7. Shoot from all angles
Do nā€™t always be condescending and look at food shooting like a bird looks at us. Change your angle of view from left to right and up and down, you can also adjust the position of the food.

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