Top 10 low-cost items that will have a huge impact on your photography

Top 10 low-cost items that will have a huge impact on your photography

It is undeniable that very experienced photographers can use the affordable camera and lens to get amazing photos. However, most cameras and lenses cost a bundle, not to mention other essential gear you should have for a professional studio. For most photographers, qualified photography gear is a fundamental guarantee for great photos. That is why we say a serious photographer rarely uses a phone to shoot. It does mean a phone can not make great photos, a professional camera can provide more control and possibilities for the shooting.

Are there any low-cost items that will have a huge impact on photography? Are they really functional, not just because they are cheap? Definitely yes! You can also find their traces in some respectable photographers’ bags.

Here is the top 10 list:

  1. White/Black Foam Board

The foam board can be the least expensive gear in a professional studio. Proper use of foam board counts a lot for great photo quality. The white foam board can bounce light to fill the shadow of your subject. The black foam board can absorb extra light to get a flattering shadow. You can get one from the craft store with only several dollars. You can also have a 2-in-1 white and black foam board, the foldable foam board, the V-flat foam board for more functional uses.

  1. Flash Diffuser

A flash diffuser is essential to improve the portrait lighting. It helps to soften the harsh light from the flash and the shadows on the subjects. When choosing a flash diffuser, even a plastic and cheap one will also work well.

  1. Remote Shutter Release

A remote shutter release is really helpful to avoid camera shake. With a remote shutter release, you can take pictures without even touching them. Therefore, the photo will turn to be much sharper. The function will be much more outstanding if you take some motion pictures, which would reduce the motion blur during the shooting.

  1. Wireless flash trigger

A wireless flash trigger will provide more possibilities for your photography. Moreover, an excellently-functioned flash trigger costs only about 20 dollars. With a wireless flash trigger, the flash is freed from the camera but still fire perfectly timed with the camera, which gives more lighting performances in your shooting.

  1. Hand-Held Light Meter

A hand-held light meter helps to measure the light and brightness accurately. Then you can get a better understanding of the light. How it looks like when falling on the subject, what is the right exposure to your shooting? The subtle difference will take your photography to another level.

  1. Colored LightGel Filter

A colored light gel filter is the easiest way to make your photo pop. The bright color gives your photo a new level of professional polish. Different colors can create various effects with the lighting set. The filter can also be used for color correction.

  1. LED Flash Light

A LED flash light is definitely an awesome lighting gear for your photographer. You can use it to make fun of light painting and light drawing. Since the light is pretty close to sunlight, you can also use it to act as a natural off-camera flash when shooting outside. Moreover, it is also practical equipment if you need to work in dark.

  1. Spray Bottle

It is undeniable that fruit, plant, and flowers would be more attractive if there is morning dew on them. However, no one can always catch the dew at the crack of dawn for all shootings. At this moment, a spray bottle will be the magic tool. You will be surprised by the effect.

  1. Nozzle Air Blower

An air blower can provide a powerful blast of air to easily removes dust and debris from cameras, lenses, and filters. Use an air blower is an excellent way for sensitive camera parts without physical contact. And it is better to blow the dirt away before wiping the lens so as not to scratch and destroy the lens.  

  1. Lens Pen

This small lens pen is really portable and useful, you can even put it in your pocket. The pen has a clean brush to remove the dust or particles. It also has a microfiber disk to rub the lens to remove the fingerprint or other smudges. Then the lens will be fairly clean for your perfect shooting.

  1. Mural Wallpaper

A professional mural wallpaper website with a large gallery can make a huge impact for us.

Hope you enjoy these low-cost but functional items and use them to build on your photography skills!


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