Tricks to Help You Smile and Look Great in Photos

Tricks to Help You Smile and Look Great in Photos

Sometimes people areĀ nervous in front of the camera, and itā€™s a good idea to make them relaxed and smile. There are a few amazingĀ tricks that can help you get people to smile for the camera. Read these tips toĀ capture those smiling faces!


Approach with YourĀ Smile

SmileĀ is one of the best effective communications among people.Ā It isĀ kind, contagious. If you want to get a real smile from your clients than you shall also show a real smile at them. Approaching them with a giant, sincere smile on your face, and you will see how infections it can be!

Talk about Something That Makes Model Happy

This is one of the simplest tricks to make people smile naturally. During posing for the shot, talk something interesting that makes you happy. A joke, a memory of joy, relaxed conversations can help the model feel less inhibited and enjoy shooting.


Entertain Model with Fun Activities

Have a short conversation with your models and learn about their hobbies. To show the personality of a photo, it is always a good choice to add the elements which can show the hobbies of a person. If you can include them in your photos somehow, your model will be too distracted to worry about your camera.

If your model can be immersed in what he or she enjoys, you can capture nice moments by candid shots. The love your model has for their hobbies will bring about a perfect smile during the sessions.


Try Candid Shots

A fixed pose is absolutely right. But that means your model needs to be professional on the pose, or you have rich experience in poses and compositions. Otherwise, fixed poses can be stiff in photos.

So why not try some candid shots for an unexpected surprise? You do not need to guide the poses but create a natural, relax environment for your clients, especially for kids. Just use the camera as your eyes, and you can never expect what kind of smile you will see.


Have Someone Encourage Them

Sometimes our clients are introverted, shy around strangers. Donā€™t worry, you can let your clients take someone who they trust with them. Maybe their families, friends, and they can do better on encouraging your models behind the camera.Ā Ask their friendĀ or familyĀ to cheer them up with relaxed chats. This will prevent awkward moments and loneliness.

Please Don'tĀ Get Too Close

If you get your camera too close to the modelā€™s face, it may make him or sheĀ feelsĀ uncomfortable. Avoid doing this to unless it is necessary.

In order to take a close-up smile during the session,Ā you can use aĀ 24-70 zoom lens, or 50mm, 85mm prime lenses, in order toĀ give them more physical and creative space.

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