Tricks to make your clicks look pro at home

Generally, people have the notion that they need a professional photographer and beautiful setup to get high-quality pictures. It’s true to some extent but you can click great pictures all by yourself at your home if you take care of a few things. With all the technology you have at our disposal through our mobiles, you don’t need a high-resolution camera.  We all held cameras at some point in our lives and failed miserably, that’s the reason why most of us are scared of photography. But, photography is just like any other thing, with little awareness and knowledge, you can click decent-looking pictures. To help you with this, we have listed down a few tips that can make your clicks look like a pro.

1) Get the composition right:

The first and foremost rule of photography is to break the image up into thirds. Three vertical and three horizontal boxes. All these points of intersection give the right dimensions and composition of your image. Ensure the image fits in these boxes. To get the click right, you can tweak the backgrounds with floral backdrops or a bright backdrop depending on your interests.

2) Ensure you know about the angles:

Getting the right angles to click the picture is also the other key factor for quality pictures. Imagine clicking the cake from the top and side views, in the top view the cake looks small but in the side view, it looks big and gigantic. Likewise, set the angles depending on what you are clicking. Thus, the angles for photography play a huge role as well. 

3) Set up the background:

If you want to click great pictures at your home, decorate your home and set the background to look more vibrant and attractive. You can use white photo backgrounds and play with different colors to see what fits in. 

4) Focus on the lighting:

Sunlight is the best light when you want to click high-quality pictures. No artificial lights can beat the quality of a photograph that’s been taken under sunlight. Ensure you are clicking in the direction of the sun rather than the opposite direction. But, try to do it in the early morning or at the time of sunset because if you click at any other time, the image becomes too bright. 

5) Focus on the center point:

You might be clicking anything, ensure you focus on the central point. For instance, if you are clicking a person, focus on their eyes. Many have the wrong notion that the nose should be the focal point but when you focus on the eyes, the picture will come out more lively.

Conclusion: Not everyone’s a pro at clicking great pictures but will do little research and mobile or a camera with high megapixels can get you good pictures. Along with the camera, the setup in your home also plays a key role. We hope this article helps you in making your clicks look like a pro even at your home.

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