What photos exemplify the difference between “trashy” and “classy”?

Every picture tells a story. But accurately expressing the spirit of a picture is never an easy task. Many factors can decide whether a photo is mediocre or classy. To keep things simple, let’s take studio portraits as an example.

In portrait photography, “classy” can mean to be attractive while not deliberate expressing amazingly quiet dignity. Mediocre is going overboard, which means the picture looks like it is craving attention on purpose overwhelmingly.

Photography skills and your philosophy matters a lot in shooting classy photos, while there is also nice assistance which can bring about high-end visual effects into your portrait photography. Among them, photos using Vinyl Backdrops look more “classy”.


  • Benefits & Rewards of Vinyl Backdrop

Selecting the right photography backdrop can accurately describe the scene and the emotion to your clients. And that is quite important to achieve a perfect classy picture.

The vinyl backdrop is durable and wrinkle-resistant. “It is a kind of nonporous plastic which is flexible, shiny, and can be transparent. (wiki.)” This material works great for digital printing and provides the background vigorous colors and a sense of classic & fashion.

The vinyl backdrop is also easy cleaning. Through a simple wipe with a slightly damp sponge, the vinyl will be clean and ready for next time. Please do not fold it or wash water! You can choose to make the backdrop lying flat, or roll it up and store it in the original shipping PVC tube.


  • Making your Photos Classy with Vinyl Texture

Vinyl is ideal for indoor photo shoots and video application, as its texture bring about vibrant and high-quality images. With new printing technology, vinyl texture creates bold, high-resolution artwork that can be more realistic and won’t fade over time.

Vinyl texture creates more than a flat background for models. With well-planned lights and compositions, vinyl backdrops can help photographers convey the personalities, emotions, temperatures, conflicts, and even stories surrounding the models, add meanings to their tales.

When comparing other backdrop choices to vinyl backdrops, there are times that vinyl is a better choice. If your photography involves rich sets of actions full of tension, like cake smash or quite a fashion sets, vinyl will work better in your sessions. It is durable enough to withstand the spills.

Also, portrait photographers will appreciate the unique non-reflective matte finish, avoiding glare sometimes which some high-quality vinyl backdrop can create.



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