10 Tips for Taking Photos and Getting on The Mirror

10 Tips for Taking Photos and Getting on The Mirror

As an ordinary person, his body is not like a supermodel. How can he be more photographed when taking pictures? The following introduces a number of methods to let you know the different types of people, what can be done, it will become more beautiful in the photo!

Change the angle and lose weight immediately

Taking pictures at the front of the camera usually makes people take fat. At this time, you can face the lens with a side angle of 45 degrees, then put the center of gravity on the back foot, and put the back arm behind your back. The law is "can be used."
Highlight the chin and head forward
Portrait photographer Peter Hurley emphasizes that the focus of portrait photography is on the chin. When you shoot, tilt your head forward and chin. Highlighting the lines of the chin will make the silhouette look more beautiful.
Thinning three laws
First: don't stand next to the thin man, especially when wearing the same clothes.
Second: don't be the person closest to the lens
Third: use any props to cover the prominent parts of the body, such as the belly.
Define the waist with your hand
Suggestion: Don't just put your hands on the sides of your waist and hold your waist.

Thin people, strengthen their sense of existence

Bill Hurter, the author of the portrait photography book, said that thin people should look at the camera face-to-face, which can make them look less skinny, but the head should be slightly turned to 7/8, slightly highlighting one side of the face, but make sure Both ears can be photographed.

In addition, light-colored clothing and a light background work best. As for clothing, men can wear light-colored clothes but avoid wearing vests, while women can wear loose skirts or shirts.

Relax before taking a photo

Don't be nervous or resist when taking pictures, photos will reflect this negative emotion. It is recommended that friends who have this kind of emotion close their eyes and take a deep breath when the photographer counts down. When they take a photo, they open their eyes and smile again. This will look relaxed and the smile will look better.

Little people

If you don't want to appear to be short, don't stand next to the reference object that can reflect your height. You can sit down or avoid taking a full-length photo so that the audience usually doesn't pay attention to the height. Even if you take a full-length picture, you can ask the photographer to shoot from a low angle and let yourself occupy the entire picture.

Clothing also has an effect, and the more the legs perform, the longer it looks. For example, a short top can be more leg length than a regular or long top. In addition, wearing thin clothing usually makes people look taller, such as feet pants. Finally, remember to stand in the front row when the group is taking photos, closer to the camera.

Tall people

The principle is the same as that of a short person. If you don't want to emphasize height, sitting down or not taking a whole body is a method. If you take a full body shot, take it from the waist level. Unless you want to highlight your height, the group will stand after the photo. a little.

Of course, if you want to highlight your head, you can also find a shorter person to set off.


Anti-aging with color and motion

Dull photo

As people get older, they always want to cover up the wrinkles on their faces, but in fact wrinkles will add personality to your face. When you take a picture, let the clothes contrast with the background, and avoid too much light, but take photos with soft light. You can take a color photo first and then process it into a black and white photo when you take a photo. The choice between the two is good.

In any case, you have to like yourself, confident people, how to shoot is beautiful.