Children's birthday party shooting skills

Children's birthday party shooting skills

Each photo has a story. There are some birthday party children's photography techniques to help you better capture the wonderful moments and record the children's growth.

Suitable settings
It is important to choose the right settings. If you are holding a party outdoors, ISO200 is fine (if you are at noon, you can use the flash to reduce the shadow on your face). If you are indoors, you must increase the ISO to 400 or even 800.
Suitable shooting
When shooting children's birthdays, lower their angles to the same level as they are, so that they can capture the moment they blow candles face to face. It’s great to shoot the whole cake from above, or to capture the smiles surrounded by gifts, but remember not to make the background too messy.

Setting up the scene
The details will add to the atmosphere, point the lens at the cake (complete and cut), package the gift and the people who come to the party, record the impromptu facial features of each person, and enrich your story with these elements.
Turn off the light
Photographs of cakes without lit candles are incomplete photographic records. Turn off the flash and capture the flashing candlelight on your child's face. To prevent blurring, you'd better rely on the door frame or back against the back of the chair. If time permits, use a tripod.

Interaction in the photo
At the birthday party, it is their honor to point the camera at a single person, but the photos are also interactive, like this one, the mother is reading a birthday card for her daughter. This is also a vivid moment of the birthday story.
Capture facial expressions
The moment the gift is opened, the feelings will naturally reveal, which is a foreseeable timing.

Plan in advance
The birthday party is exciting. In the middle of it, the photographer will inevitably miss many wonderful shots. Therefore, it is very important to know the process of the party before the party and to plan the shooting plan in the brain.

Take a few more shots
Finally, if you are using a digital camera, it is always true to take a few more shots. In those photos, there may be a particularly exciting photo.