How to Do Wedding Photography

How to Do Wedding Photography

Many of the shots in the wedding are randomly occurring and cannot be copied. This requires the photographer not only to have keen insight but also to have precise observation. Always observe the expressions and actions of the various characters in the wedding scene. Prepare for the capture. There must be a pre-judgment to make a good position in advance. At the same time, we should also pay attention to the following points:

Giving bride close-up
The most beautiful wedding is the bride. The photographer should always be ready to give the bride a close-up and record every beautiful moment. If it is indoors, to avoid underexposure due to dim light. You can increase the sensitivity of the camera or use the flash

Outdoor shooting newcomer
If you are shooting new people outdoors, the choice of outdoor background is very important. In most cases, photographers will choose beautiful natural scenery as a newcomer, whether it is the vast sea, the quiet bamboo forest or the ancient architecture. Photographers should pay attention to the background, not too cluttered, because the focus of the picture is the groom and the bride.
Capture details
In the process of wedding shooting, in addition to the expression of newcomers, it is worthwhile for the photographer to stay in the accident, and the various actions between the newcomers should be carefully observed, such as the hand-held lens of the newcomer. But at this time, the photographer does not have to be limited to the overall expression of the character, using the telephoto lens in the hand and using the open composition method to capture the details of the action, can also record the wonderful moments, and have other styles.

Lens record related to the wedding
In the wedding scene, in addition to the bridegroom, the bride, the photographer should also pay attention to the layout of the wedding scene, the appearance of the on-site staff and so on. Weddings are often carefully planned by the wedding company. Not only the special items, items, or wedding ceremonies at the wedding, but also the materials that the photographer needs to record.

The lively wedding wedding scene, the bridegroom, the bride and the parents, friends and relatives, are immersed in a cheerful, festive atmosphere, each person's joyful expression of a fleeting look, photographers should be based on the situation of the scene, to see the six roads, Listening to all directions, the heart is fast, the shots are taken, the shots are taken, and the photographer's wonderful moments will increase the fun and enjoyment of the wedding with rich image appeal.
As a wedding photographer, it is both a sacred and a responsible career, because only your hard work will bring you a permanent memory of a new couple.