CHRISTMAS PHOTOGRAPHY: Super Practical Christmas Portrait Shooting Skills

CHRISTMAS PHOTOGRAPHY: Super Practical Christmas Portrait Shooting Skills

The holiday is coming soon! It's time to improve your Christmas photography skills.  As long as you are interested in photography, you will find excitingdocuments. Here are some ideas for Christmas shooting to keep Merry Christmas!

1 Take a photo of the members of the entire family

Don't be afraid to take pictures of your family's imperfections, the most important thing is the true emotions.Take a candid photo when everyone is busy posing. This way, you can record a lot of moving moments.

2 Shoot the baby in a simple DIY studio

Take great photos of babies and children with a little professional studio. Let the child sit in front of the Christmas tree or a string of lights.Then you can focus on creating ambient light, using light bulbs, string lights or natural window lights. The background lights will create a beautiful Christmas bokeh. If you want to make the bokeh more prominent, make sure there is no extra backlight in the background.

3 Shoot holiday self-portraits
Take a few photos of yourself for your vacation.
Self-portraits are an amazing way to decompress and find inspiration in simplicity. You don't need to dress like Santa Claus, and you don't need to freeze outdoors to take interesting photos.
You can wear your favorite sweater and pose next to your Christmas tree or family members.
4 Capture the atmosphere of Christmas indoors
Portrait photography is not the only type you have to take a photo during the holidays. You can zoom out and take photos of various rooms, stockings, dining and packed gifts.
You can also shoot different times of the day. What does the living room look like before everyone opens the gift? What is the atmosphere when everyone gathers to watch a Christmas movie at the end of the day?
These details may not matter now, but they will bring you memories and laughter in the future! All you have to do is save them by image.

5 Shoot your neighbors (if they wish)
Thanks to all the colourful Christmas decorations, it's easy to take beautiful indoor photos.
Christmas may also be the best time to shoot neighbors and new customers. Ask your neighbor if they are willing to be photographed. If so, why not take a mini photo to improve your skills?
Record the expression of your family when they open the gift
Don't forget to shoot yourself or other people who wrap gifts, you can use these photos to create gorgeous before and after.
Nothing is as warm as the reaction to witnessing happiness, and children are particularly good at being frank and honest in front of the camera.
Make sure to take a lot of photos during a family gathering.
Don't worry too much about capturing specific types of expressions. The more you focus on authenticity, the more interesting your photos will look.

7 Shooting classic Christmas photos

What is your connection with Christmas? Tree decoration, lighting, snow or something completely different? Use these answers as an inspiration for classic Christmas photo shoots.If you want to challenge yourself further, take a photo taken thousands of times by others.For example, find an exciting way to photograph the beauty of Christmas gadgets. Try to do this without making it look boring.This exercise will refresh your creative intuition and help you find ideas anywhere.

8 Shooting cute pet portraits with Christmas distortion

The background does not need to be made of fabric or anything fancy. They can be a bunch of neatly colored gifts.
Pet photography is a type that teaches you patience and makes you sleepy.
Thanks to all the Christmas gifts and decorations, you don't even need to build a studio for your photo session.
All you need is the background, some props, good lighting and happy pets.

9 Show off your family's cute Christmas costumes
Not every day can wear fuzzy Christmas slippers or Santa Claus onesies.
Make the most of this time by recording the fashion tastes of your family, no matter how stupid they are.

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