Black Photography Backdrops

Black is the color of elegance. Black background photography is often used with high-end or luxury products, or when a command of sophistication is desired. Black photography backdrops can be used for several different types of photography, including, but not limited to, portrait photography, product photography, and event photography. So if you want black backdrops that create unmatched magic of shadows, Try Foxbackdrop! Our black photography backdrops work equally well for photography and videography. Our 100% true black color backdrop can make the vintage black and white era alive with minimum effort.
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Black Backdrop Options

Our true black collapsible backdrop is one of the most versatile and useful props in any photographer's arsenal. It can function as a simple, unobtrusive background or it can be used as an accent to create a dramatic effect. Whether your subject is a person or an object, our solid true black backdrop will provide a clean, crisp look that leaves your subject front and center. Our backdrops can also be used for time-lapse photography.

Easy to handle: Our black photography backdrops are the best option if you are planning on using your backdrop often and transporting it around with you. Our black backdrops come in handy when you need them for outdoor shoots or other photoshoots where you don't want to carry a big and bulky backdrop with you. So, if you need something to set up quickly and takedown fast these backdrops are for you.

Different size: Our black photography backdrops which are portable and easy to use. Our black backdrop available in various sizes 5x3ft(1.5×1m), 5x5ft(1.5×1.5m), 7x5ft(2.2×1.5m), 6.5x10ft(2×3m), 8x7ft(2.5×2.2m), 10x7ft(3×2.2m), 12x7ft(3.7×2.2m), 6ft(w)x9ft(h), 6.5x7ft(1.5×2.2m), 12ft×7.5ft(3.7×2.28m), 10x6.5ft(3×2m)

Collapsible: Our collapsible black photography backdrops are made 100% of vinyl and come folded in a tube. A light stand clip is included with our collapsible backdrops so they can be mounted easily with any pop-up background or collapsible reflector. 

Quality: Our black photography backdrops are built to last and are designed to withstand heavy usage without any damage. Our black photography vinyl backdrop is waterproof, smooth, and non-reflective. Our black photography backdrops are constructed entirely of vinyl and are incredibly durable and wrinkle-resistant, ensuring that they will not droop or come apart when stored. They are also wrinkled, crease, and fold resistant, making them perfect for any type of photography. 

Although there may be some slight color variations based on viewing devices, printed images, or monitors, we assure you that our backdrops are true 100% black. Our exclusive True Black Backdrops undergo a specialized process to ensure that the color is 100% black from edge to edge! No more grayish blacks!

Our black photography backdrop is a staple for any professional setting. It's appropriate for a variety of photography, including product photos, and studio work. Our black photography backdrops are the perfect choice for podcasts, vlogging, video conferencing, broadcast, online gaming, and more. Call us for free shipping offers and low-cost options!

Why Buy From Us 

We offer good-quality photography backdrops at a great price! Our black photography backdrops are high quality, low cost, and can be shipped to you very fast!

  • Quality Certified: Our True black backdrop material doesn't reflect light and provides relevant results for photographers and videographers alike. 
  • Easy to carry: Compact and easy to set up and store. Our black vinyl backdrops can be used multiple times, just fold back up after use! These are truly collapsible backdrops that can be used for indoor and outdoor shoots.
  • Easy to maintain: Easy to clean, no chemicals needed! You just need to wipe them with a wet cloth or soap solution, if needed.
  • Customer service: We provide a great customer service team who will take care of your day or night! 
  • Best Value guarantee – we only carry top-quality products at an affordable price! We stand by our brand and want you to be happy with your purchase. We will do everything we can to make sure you are happy with your purchase.

We at Foxbackdrop, understand that a superior quality backdrop results in effortless captivating photography in a single shot. With our high-quality, low-cost black backdrop you don’t have to worry about multiple shots for clarity. Call us for hassle-free backdrops delivery at your studio or home. We offer free delivery for orders of more than 200$.