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Food photography is a delicate art. It is important to photograph food in ways that highlight every detail, including the texture and the elements of a dish so that the audience craves the dish as soon as they see the photograph.
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In food photography, backdrops are believed to be very essential as the texture and color of the background help the dish on the plate stand out and look delicious. This is why many food photography beginners and amateurs, as well as professionals, sometimes struggle to find the best food photography background.

Fox Backdrop provides the best quality food photography backgrounds to create the most interesting and engaging food photos.   Food backdrops are suitable for all kinds of food, tiling, and product shooting. Can provide any size, provide comfortable help for your shooting.Guaranteed 100% wrinkle-free.If you are a food photographer, it doesn't matter if you are an amateur or professional, our vinyl food photography replica surface backgrounds can help you with your food and product photography projects as well. Get your backdrops from Fox Backdrops and go wild with the creativity to create wonderful delicious-looking food photos. Contact us today to place your order.

Food Photography Backdrop: For Your Perfect Pics!

Are you looking for interestingly textured backgrounds for your food or product photography projects? Do you want replica surfaces that look the same as a constructed background and give a more authentic look to the photography? We can provide you with the finest quality food photography backdrops that are not just nice to look at but also help the product or the food, that is being photographed, stand out well. From a classic Fox retro Brown wood wall vinyl backdrop to a more textured Fox Gold Brown Barn wood vinyl backdrop, our exclusive collection of 100% guaranteed, tear-free, wrinkle-free vinyl backdrops can be the greatest companion to your amazing food photos.

We offer customizable sizing for the backdrops so that it fits your requirements of the framing. Just make sure to mention the dimensions that you need the backdrop in and we will make it for you. Fox Backdrop’s exclusive collection of food photography backgrounds is the perfect fit for all your food photographs as the interesting textures of these backdrops can help elevate your frame and make the food that is on the plate look larger than life and as delicious as it can be. Get your perfect backdrops for your perfect pics! Place your order today. 

Why Buy From Us

Unlike many other backdrop vendors who only have options to a very limited extent, Fox Backdrop provides customization options so that the product matches all your specifications. We understand that every photographer is different and has very specific requirements and we strive to fulfill all those needs so that you can turn your visualization into reality and create amazing food photos out of it.

Our designers and backdrop-makers have the skill sets and expertise to make the trendiest designs for your backdrops. The exclusive food photography backdrop collections that we offer have all backdrops with a 100% durability guarantee. The backdrops are made from vinyl and are tear and wrinkle-free. The wrinkle-free feature of these thick backdrops ensures an all authentic look that resembles an actual set-up without the efforts of building the set-up. Lay the backdrop down for an interesting top shot, stick it to the wall, or use it with a backdrop stand, our backdrops only ensure a touch of perfection and professionalism in the work. We treat all our customers with respect and equality. No matter where you are in the world, our world-class backdrops worth $200 or more can be shipped to you directly for free. Doesn’t matter if you are a professional, an amateur, or a budding photographer, our backdrops can make sure that your food photos are nothing less than perfect. Order in today at Fox Backdrop.