Baby Photography: How to DIY Sesame Street Cake Smash Session

Baby Photography: How to DIY Sesame Street Cake Smash Session

How to celebrate your little one’s first birthday? How to capture this precious and memorable occasion? The answer is definitely cake smash. As one of the classic cartoon element, sesame street is quite popular in baby photography. Today, we will offer a step-by-step DIY guide for a sesame street cake smash setup.

Cake smash, as shown literally, is mainly on giving the baby a cake and letting him/her smash it. The happier the baby smashing the cake, the greater the photo is. To gain a better performance, here are some tips for your cake smash.

Tip 1: Arrange the shooting time when the baby rests well, so that they will be energetic during the whole process.

Tip 2: Do not feed the baby too full before the session, or he/she will be uninterested in the cake. Obviously, not too hungry also.

Tip 3: Provide spoon or fork for babies who do not like smashing the cake with their fingers.

Tip 4: Prepare spare outfit for all members in the session. There must be cakes all over around. Adults are no exception.


To fulfill the setup, here are the list of things you need to prepare:

Now let’s come to the most excited moment for today’s DIY sesame street setup.


Step 1: Background decoration.

A sesame street themed backdrop is the perfect background for today’s setup, which creates a fully themed atmosphere. You can use a stand to support the backdrop. If not, you can also use some translucent tape to fix the backdrop in the wall. Make sure there is some floor part for the baby to sit on, so that there will be no transition problem.

At the top corner of the backdrop, you can tape one or two sesame street honeycomb paper decorations. Then you can tape the banner on the backdrop. You can use only the sesame street birthday banner, which usually has two or three banners in one set. You can also used one sesame street banner with another blue banner to get more lines and depth in the photo.

We recommend you use the thick vinyl backdrop. Due to the special material, thick vinyl backdrop is winkle-free and easy-to-clean if there are cake pieces scattering around. For more cleaning tips, you can read the article: HOW To Clean Your FOX Vinyl Backdrop In Cake Smash.

Step 2: Main part decoration.

Here comes the highlight of the cake smash setup.

The cake in cake smash definitely plays an critical role. To gain an ideal smashing effect, a soft and cute cake is much easier and more interesting for the baby to smash. You can buy a sesame street themed cake to make a whole collocation. If not, you can also use solid color cake, such as slight blue or pink. Do not use red or brown cakes, they would make your baby look weird and dirty.

Then it comes to the floor part. Place the sesame street stuffed animals or collectors randomly around the shooting scene. To add more depth to the photo, you can put one stuffed animal on the box or chair. Make sure you have different color props and separate the same color ones.

Step 3: Put the baby behind the cake and start you cake smash photography.

If you can not bear the whole decoration work, you can also choose a well designed sesame street backdrop with all elements in. All you have to do is to put the baby and the cake in. Fox has one: Fox Rolled Cake Smash Children Birthday Vinyl Backdrop Designed By Blanca Perez.


Fox product information:

Fox Rolled Cake Smash Boy Birthday Vinyl Backdrop Designed By Blanca Perez

Fox Rolled Cake Smash Children Birthday Vinyl Backdrop Designed By Blanca Perez


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